Qatar Vaccination Diaries- Update.

So folks, prepare to be irritated. And frustrated. And bang your head against the nearest wall.

I was at Mesaimeer Health Center today. And I asked the friendly lady at the reception desk about vaccinations for kids/ babies on a visit visa (or those in the process of getting a RP). She told me… hold your breath… that they have to just turn up to the well baby clinic with the passports (Mum, Dad and baby possibly?) and their visa copies and it shall be done. Just like that!

I asked her if they would be given an appointment. She said no. She said “it would be done”. On the same day? I prodded further. I was testing her patience now. “Yes habibi” was her terse reply.

(And yes, those with resident permits cannot avail this special service. 🙂 )

All you folks on their visit visas- Many congratulations. We residents envy and resent you! Do let us know if what I was told is true.

Another question I’m often asked is the price of vaccinations at private clinics and hospitals. A very helpful couple (bless ’em) have done some serious field research for their (bub’s) 6 month shots. This may help some confused and haggled parents.

1. Al Tadawi Medical Centre- Vaccinations 800 QAR + Consultation 350 QAR

2. Feto Maternal Medical Centre- Vaccinations 650 QAR + Consultation 250 QAR

3. Al Emadi Hospital- Vaccines 504 QAR + Consultation charges 200 QAR + Injection (nursing?) charges 25 QAR (per injection)

4. Aster medical centre- Vaccinations 600 QAR + Consultation 85 QAR

5. Apollo Clinic – Around 1600- 1700 QAR

*I do not vouch for the veracity/ correctness of the above information. Prices and fees are subject to constant change and I would urge you folks to make your own enquiries. Do leave comments on this page if you find any of the above information inaccurate. Also, share your Qatar vaccination experiences, if any. It would help a lot of haggled, confused parents out there.

The charges are fairly similar for 2 and 4 month vaccines.

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Till next time..

Dr J.

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