Currently Crushing- Zoe edition. Again!

I’m back! By popular demand…

Do you lovely uncles and aunties know I turned the big O one (01!)? Well I did. A week or so ago. Phew, thank God infancy is done and over with. Wasn’t as great as you think it might be. I didn’t quite like the whole ‘being helpless’ bit; I love my independence too much! Anyhoo…

My Currently Crushing post last month was a super- hit Mama tells me. So she has given me permission to post another one. Yay!

I have soooo many things that I love right now. Don’t know where to begin really.


1. Thoggie!


I love Thoggie. He walks, barks, shakes his head, wags his tail and has bright, colorful paws! What more could a lil’ girl want?


2. Building blocks

Building stuff.
Building stuff.

Here’s my new ride cum tool box. I am not sure what the colorful things inside are for; I mainly use the box as my car and the rest I throw around the house. Seeing Mama trip and stamp over them is so much fun I say!


3. My Leap Frog mobile

My very own cell phone.
My very own cell phone.

It’s about time, don’t you think? I mean how long did they expect me to survive without a mobile phone. A year is a miracle I say. Mama says it’s an e-d-u-ca-shion-al toy. Lord knows; all I see are the fancy keys and the shiny screen…


4. Big girl stuff

BIg girl stuff
Big girl stuff

I dream of the day when Mama and Papa will leave me home alone, and I shall lay siege to all their contraptions and gadgets. Aah! Those lovely touch screens….and those mouth- watering keys…..

I love them, but I cannot have them. I ain’t even allowed to touch them 😦 Unrequited love is a horrible thing.

Or I could just pray to be a grown up soon. I shall ask Papa for a 128 GB rose- gold iPhone 6 plus (or it’s equivalent then) soon.


5. Cream for my nappy- rash

Nappy rash :-(
Nappy rash 😦

I thought I was immune to them. So did Mama.

I never had one until my first birthday. And then the nasty thing reared it’s ugly head.

The dreaded NAPPY RASH.

Papa thinks it’s all the travel that has brought it on. Might be. It’s an awful thing to have. Mum has a humongous tub of Sudocream lying somewhere (in one of our many “homes”), she lugged it around religiously in her changing bag for months. But it wasn’t with her when we actually needed it. Typical!

Anyhoo, she picked this up at the airport. And it’s fantastic. It smells exactly like lemon zest (Mama uses it while baking sometimes, that’s how I know what lemon zest smells like!) and made that cruddy rash disappear in no time.


6. Pretty, girl dresses!



Finally Mama seems to realize that I am a girl! Or maybe it’s beacause my hair has finally grown out and I’m walking. Wearing leggings and pants 24/7 was getting a bit tedious and ho-hum. I now own dresses 🙂


7. Strawberries

Can't get enough!
Can’t get enough!

I love them. Can’t get enough of them. Sweet and sour, little red devils! Unfortunately, Mama rations them out for me. Apparently I can’t have strawberries for breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday.

Adult rules are quite daft really.


8. Ahem *Biryani* Ahem

Adult food eh?
Adult food eh?

Okay, so this might be pushing it a tad too far. Mama may even edit this out (this is her blog after all) but I really do enjoy fistfuls of this fragrant rice that I sneak in from Papa’s plate.

The signs all point toward me being an ardent biriyani lover; just like Mama.


9. Hogging Mama’s homemade pasta!


My favorite (adult) food thus far. Please don’t mind the mess. I get better each day.


10. Running around in my ‘birthday suit’

I cannot post a picture of this. Apologies. But this is something I love to do these days. Running around with the diaper in my hand, and Mama/ Papa chasing me is my favorite activity of all!


11. Ganging up with Papa/ Vaapa/ Baba and driving Mama/ Umma crazy and…… airports!

PicMonkey Collage 1


Mix ’em both up (us and airports), and it’s mayhem I say!


That is all for today folks. Hope you had a lovely Friday!

Till next time..









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