Goodnight folks…

There are such days. You wake up with leaky nares and lead in your sinuses. You face is puffy with lack of sleep and your lab-coat and clothes aren't ironed for the day. You drink too- hot- coffee and scald your tongue. The traffic is more maddening than usual and the honks seem fitted with... Continue Reading →

Runday Monday- Limbering up again!

STRETCHES. I love 'em. There are certain I do before my run (after a light warm- up course) and several I like to do after. Loved the stretch-time at dance class. And on the sporadic gym trips the best part was the stretching. Oh yeah! I also venture into yoga occasionally and I guess everyone... Continue Reading →

Ma Wednesday- Of fathers and daughters.

Their bond is beyond the comprehension of a mere mother. Their love unique and bereft of unnecessary discipline and vexation. They laugh. And play. And cry. And scream.   Their games are common and petty, yet profoundly engaging. They make water puddles and paper houses. They make napkin monsters and cookie castles. Fruits become legos... Continue Reading →

Of unwitting absence.

It's been a while folks! The blog absence and internet abstinence was unintentional; circumstantial. The H family was on a road trip. A trip initiated by grim events and complicated by urgency. We packed in haste and  hit the road unprepared. It is amazing how much life and thought are forced to change when you... Continue Reading →

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