Runday Monday- Working out at work- 1

Holding a retractor still for 5 hours, or being on call for 24; I have opportunities aplenty everyday to do my top 5 secret exercises. All you hotshot executives, high- flying bankers and pressed- for- time, maven IT folks; you too can try these. In your corner offices, cubicles, conference rooms, restrooms, even the airplane; time and space are non- issues!

The first two require you to stand and are obvious, but the last three are truly “secretive”.

1. Calf stretches

Do them on any flat surface, or better still (for a deeper stretch), on a random step or the stairs. Or if you are adventurous enough-  climb up onto a chair in the office/ hospital. Just go up and down,  up and down…

Soon enough, you will start to notice some killer calves.

Looks easy enough. Try two sets of twenty and then be the judge… And yeah, great to improve balance.

2. ITB stretches

I have Iliotibial Band Syndrome (ITBS or ITBFS for iliotibial band friction syndrome). These stretches help keep the pain at bay for folks like me.


Stretching the ITB

3. Abdominal muscle contraction

Last night I tried on a pair of old jeans. The ones I wore while in high school. I have filled them out a bit, but I DO FIT INTO THEM. I would have never thought that possible, at less than a year postpartum; especially considering the waist size. I am surprised and delighted in equal measure. Some credit must go to all the secret ab- work that I do ‘at work’!

Suck in your tummy and hold it there. For as long as you possibly can. Repeat.

4. Gluteal contractions.

Another surreptitious exercise. The trick is figuring out how to flex your glutes while standing in a normal stance. Try it a few times, I promise you will figure it out eventually. Shapely glutes are considered prime assets these days!

5. Kegel exercises.

This is a special one for all the lovely ladies. These are the famed pelvic floor exercises. I shall not elaborate here how important these are for ladies who have recently given birth or for those who have incontinence or are pregnant (a post for another day perhaps?).

Trick- imagine stopping your urine midstream. Those are the muscles you want to engage. Do as many reps as you can mange, each time you remember these exercises. The best part is that you can do them standing, sitting or even lying down.

So what are you folks waiting for? Go on, suck that tummy in… engage your lax core I say!

Till next time..

Dr J.

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