Baby shopping- The UAE blues!

Wish The Mister hadn’t moved from Dubai.

Everything I look for and want seems to be available in Dubai!


Anyhoo, for all you Doha Mommies, there a few online stores that may be of help when you are looking to buy baby related items. The problem with the stores is Doha is the inconsistent availability of items. It is most often ‘there one day and gone the next’!

I found these online stores when I was trying to get hold of a Storksak Elizabeth (then an Ergo… followed by Sophie!)

All these online stores are based in the UAE, but do ship to the GCC (and elsewhere). They all sell a whole range of Mummy and baby related stuff, and have different shipping policies and rates. Do check them out, and if you order from them do let us know how things panned out- it will help other mommies!



Blush and Bloom 

Major USP- they stock some Storksak bags.  They also have a nice selection of un- frumpy nursing and maternity wear.

Currently available at for 1,250 AED plus 150 AED shipping (QAR has a similar rate)
Currently available at for 1,250 AED plus 150 AED shipping (QAR has a similar rate)


Visit website



They probably have the largest selection of items; across the entire mommy- baby spectrum. Visit mumzworld to get hold of Belly Bandits and Sophie la Giraffes.

Shipping charges to Qatar- 55 AED

From www.
From www.


Visit the store


Luxe Little

Probably the best bet to purchase a baby- carrier (if you live in Qatar and want anything other than a sling, a Mothercare/ Stokke/ Ergobaby carrier).


Almost the entire collection is available on
Almost the entire collection is available on


Go to the website


Please note- I am in no way affiliated or sponsored by the above mentioned websites/ online stores. I found them during my endless research for baby stuff in the GCC. Do check the websites for details and shipping/ payment policies. And do let us all know how your experience was- if you ever order from these sites.

Till next time..

Dr J.


P.S. I’m told there is a problem with the links on this post and that they don’t take you to the websites. Apologies. Will fix it ASAP.

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  1. Do they deliver door-to-door here in Doha? I’ve always wondered is they do or if you have to pick it up yourself from the post office.

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