Goodnight folks…

There are such days.

You wake up with leaky nares and lead in your sinuses. You face is puffy with lack of sleep and your lab-coat and clothes aren’t ironed for the day. You drink too- hot- coffee and scald your tongue. The traffic is more maddening than usual and the honks seem fitted with speakers which amplify the immensely chafing sound a million times.

Things at work are uncommonly dull and the patients particularly pestiferous. Your headache grows to monstrous proportions by the end of the day and your baby has a pesky cold, a blocked nose and is teething. She also refuses to sleep for any stretch of time and cries with a start- stop rhythm. She has recently learnt the art of saying no and of testing Mama’s patience.

There are calls to be made to the phone company and the internet is patchy. There is a pending post- office visit and a missed dental appointment. You are in dire need of a dermatologist to address your skin allergies and there are papers to be edited. The closet is a creeping, stuffed-to-the-brim mess and clean underclothes are in short supply.

Emails need replies and books need to be read. Your favorite pajamas rip and your are out of dental floss on the day you actually need it. There is package that is lost in the mail and the fridge needs restocking. You are also out of Paracetamol, and you realize this at 11 PM.

And to add to your woes, The Mister is nowhere in sight.

There are such days!

What can one possibly do on such days?

Say goodbye to the wretched day and hit the sack.

Hence goodbye and goodnight folks!

Till next time..

Dr J.


3 thoughts on “Goodnight folks…

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    1. I slept the horrid day off and I’m all sunny and bright today! The runny nares and heavy sinuses notwithstanding… šŸ™‚ Hugs!

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