Runday Monday- Limbering up again!


I love ’em. There are certain I do before my run (after a light warm- up course) and several I like to do after. Loved the stretch-time at dance class. And on the sporadic gym trips the best part was the stretching.

Oh yeah! I also venture into yoga occasionally and I guess everyone knows the relationship between yoga and stretching.

For more than a year now I have been completely neglecting this aspect of my fitness routine. I barely manage to workout/ run a few times a week (not one run last week!!), so leisurely stretching routines are a distant mirage.

Of late though, on days that I cannot get out or wear my trainers (like today), I have been doing some light warm- up (spot jogs, jumping jacks, burpees or even about 20 mins of mental bedroom dancing!) and then some solid stretching. And man does it feel good after!

I started gently. It’s back to the basics for now. I know what my limits are and what they were before. I have a long way to go to even match my old self. After that, I intend to get even better. Pregnancy and delivery has done weird things to my body, especially the middle third. And so I hope to work on my core and pelvic areas as well.

These simple exercises are great if you have just had a baby (or even it is one year postpartum!). In fact I believe these are good for all women in general.





These moves might look and feel simple, but are effective if done diligently and correctly.

And here’s the flexibilty routine I did today. This is one of many that I currently like. Again, these are simple stretches; suitable even for beginners. The key is to just about test the limits of your flexibility and holding the stretches.



Limber up folks!

Quick tip – Having your roving, crazy- curious 11 moth- old in the same room while you stretch is a health/ muscle/ ligament hazard!



Till the next run..

Dr J.


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