Ma Wednesday- Of fathers and daughters.

Their bond is beyond the comprehension of a mere mother.

Their love unique and bereft of unnecessary discipline and vexation.

They laugh. And play. And cry. And scream.


Their games are common and petty, yet profoundly engaging.

They make water puddles and paper houses.

They make napkin monsters and cookie castles.

Fruits become legos and pillows becomes arsenal.


Her laughter is his manna and his love her drug.

They share more than just their DNA and blood.

They share destiny. They share life.

So alike. So different.


I gaze at their slumbering forms.

Sonorous breathing punctuated by tiny snores.

Large hands held on by little digits.

Limbs uncannily similarly askew.

Bodies eerily postured alike.

What dreams they envision, what fears they battle.

What challenges lay ahead….

One knows not.


All one knows is the unconditional love.

The love that bloomed at first sight.

The love that blossomed and ensconced within.

The love that lent it’s fragrance to make life sweeter.

The love that made a man a father.

The love that grew till it filled the heart and mind.

The love that changed lives.





I am sustenance that feeds the body.

He is nourishment that enriches the soul.

I am the earth that nurtures.

He is the fire that molds.

I am the ground she stands on.

He is the endless sky for her to fly.



Till next time..

Dr J.


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