Of unwitting absence.

It’s been a while folks! The blog absence and internet abstinence was unintentional; circumstantial. The H family was on a road trip. A trip initiated by grim events and complicated by urgency. We packed in haste and  hit the road unprepared. It is amazing how much life and thought are forced to change when you have a little human in tow. There was not a moment to spare and not a single wink of sleep could be wasted. We had to leave behind most of of connectivity tools and gadgetry behind, to make space both in bags and thoughts for other more important stuff. Even amidst the chaos that unfolded, we still had to worry about baby meals and diapers. Weariness is an obvious consequence.

We are home now. A shower and some home cooked food has mitigated the fatigue, hence the urge to publish a quick hello to you lovely folks. We shall hopefully resume our usual shenanigans here soon.

Till then…

Dr J.

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