Of the nightly glows. (Update)

Once the snooze button was pressed, I had a look at last night’s post- NEEDED some editing and updating!

Manic Mum Life

People say technology has eroded communal living. We are so busy being online that we fail to build meaningful, lasting friendships and relationships- they say. We apparently share too much with too many people. We are a compulsively exhibitionist, yet equally voyeuristic society. There are memes and cartoons of entire families sitting together in the same room, with their gadgets and devices; engrossed in their virtual worlds, utterly disconnected from each other.

I wonder though..

As I sit here and type this, in semi- darkness; The Mister is right beside. Awash in the soft white glow of our respective gadgets, we are as close as we can be, yet in entirely different virtual worlds.

We read, we surf. He watches, I blog. He plays, I hear. We do whatever our heart desires. No fights, no arguments, no settling for something just because the other wishes so.

Yet, we laugh and…

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