Of the nightly glows. (Update)

People say technology has eroded communal living. We are so busy being online that we fail to build meaningful, lasting friendships and relationships- they say. We apparently share too much with too many people. We are a compulsively exhibitionist, yet equally voyeuristic society. There are memes and cartoons of entire families sitting together in the same room, with their gadgets and devices; engrossed in their virtual worlds, utterly disconnected from each other.

I wonder though..

As I sit here and type this, in semi- darkness; The Mister is right beside. Awash in the soft white glow of our respective gadgets, we are as close as we can be, yet in entirely different virtual worlds.

We read, we surf. He watches, I blog. He plays, I hear. We do whatever our heart desires. No fights, no arguments, no settling for something just because the other wishes so.

Yet, we laugh and share. Together.

Ever so often, one nudges the other and asks the other to peek into their screen.

We gawk at prissy, daft celebs and giggle at their daily antics. We laugh at inane and stupid status updates and posts. We share funny videos. We stare unabashedly at weird profile pictures. We analyse and dissect the daily news. We ponder over world problems. Together.

We share our virtual world almost unconditionally. Therefore we expand our perspective and widen our view of the world. Dr J now shares a passion for technology and cars, while Mr H can recognize brands of designer shoes! Who would have thought! Of course, we have both have always been compulsive news readers.

His world is mine and mine his. We are isolated, yet more entwined than ever. As a couple, we have our virtual space and territory, yet we are more than welcome to encroach into each other’s spaces.

He shops for computer peripherals and nifty tech- trinkets while I look at everything from books to boots! We check our mails and bank accounts, we plan our holidays, book real and imaginary tickets to far off lands. We share pictures of Zoe that we may have taken through the day. We speak to family that live miles away, sometimes together and sometimes alone.

And they say technology is driving families apart! It seems to me like it pulls us ever so close, without our identities and oddities being lost or made forcibly miscible.

Maybe it does sometimes, but that does not make it inherently evil. Our inventions and gadgets are only as evil as we make them out to be. It is all us folks, it is how we choose to use.

As far Our little family is concerned, we love the time of the nightly glow; of our white and colorful screens. When we are all settled and cosy in our small little haven, alone yet connected .With the world at our fingertips!

Till next time..

Dr J.

P.S. I first “met” The Mister online. He is The Hubster now, for seven years! Isn’t that “lasting” enough?

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  1. In the evenings, my husband and I sit on our computers looking at totally different things. It doesn’t worry me or him, but our son says our living room is ‘too quiet’. We talk when we want to.

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