Runday Monday- Quirks!

I am not superstitious, but I can be a creature of habit. These are habits/ quirks/ rituals/ practices that I seemed to have accrued over the years, running-wise.

–  Pre- run snack is always half a banana (or one small one) and a sip (only ONE) of water.

FullSizeRender (91)
Half if big, one if small. And one tiny, sip- no more!


– The music- source/ iPod always goes on the left side of the waistband.

Always, for more than a decade now. Let pocket, left waistband.
Always, for more than a decade now. Left pocket, left waistband.


– Always wear a cap/ hood. Day or night. Regardless of the weather.

Have almost every color available.
Have almost every color available.


– 5 spritzes of the current running fragrance (read ‘inexpensive deodorants’). Not more, not less.

Current Run Perfume.
Current Run Perfume.


– Laps and times are always accounted for, even when running for fun. Laps are always in even numbers and times are always rounded off to the nearest zero (e.g. 40 mins rather than 37).

– Irrespective of type of trainers/ shoes worn, the laces are always tied around the ankle. Left first by habit.

That's not me by the way!  Source-
That’s not me by the way! Source-


– Always crave (eat) a biscuit/ cookie/ cracker after my run. Stupid I know. And counterproductive!

– Left ear bud first.

– Like sweat to drip rather than be wiped off. Makes me feel like I’m working extra- hard. Icky but true.

– Always a slow, croony ballad for warm-up.

– Always run on the left  perimeter of the track, except when I have to overtake the walking-in- horizontal-formation- while gossiping  group of “uncles”.

Yeah, that’s most of it. Others cannot be shared on public forums.

Any exercise- quirks you folks would like to share?

Till next time..

Dr J.

P.S. I do know that it WAS Monday YESTERDAY!



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