Surprises our heads hide.

How would you feel if you woke up feeling different everyday?

Not knowing if you wanted to wake up and burst forth and head to conquering all in sight, or cower and wilt and wither away to oblivion under a large rock.

There are days when you want to shine bight like the corona. And then there are days when you want to melt into the night, be invisible.

You want to be everything. Know everything. Acquire all in sight. Other days, you wish you could just lay there, unmoving and unthinking.

You wish to stand out. You wish to blend in.

There are myriad voices within, some in concert, some in polar opposition.

You wish to be THIS. And THAT!

You wish for so much. That the burden of them becomes your cross to bear.

You are pulled in so many directions, you no longer have a center. A focal point of YOURSELF, your very essence, is diluted and lost.

You wish. You want. You crave. Your desire. You covet. Everyday. Relentlessly. Randomly.

And that my friend, will prove to be your undoing!

Thy own mind shall be the nemesis of thy happiness…


Till next time..

Dr J>

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