The Ladies Lounge Reviews- Especially Escada!

Especially ESCADA

Eau de Parfum




This luxurious and bright fragrance is floral and subtle. It is inspired by the woman who radiates femininity and lights up the room with her smile.


This sparkling fragrance combines the classic allure of rose petals with a crisp tone of pear, while aromatic ambrette seeds add a musky note to this feminine scent.

Top note
The fragrance opens with sparkling, refreshing pear, which compliments the scent of early morning dewy rose.
Heart note
Used for over 3000 years in fragrance and beauty products, rose essence is created by steaming freshly picked flowers. The rose is the eternal symbol of love and femininity and gives off a timelessly beautiful scent.
Base note
This fragrance contains a combination of musks. The fruity musk base note compliments the sparkling pear and interacts with the rose accord, giving a powdery femininity to the scent.


Especially ESCADA is inspired by the luxury of a dewy rose garden in full bloom. The classic flower represents happiness and femininity



From the official website


Hella Ladies!

I am in the mood to sing praises and extol the virtues (and vices!) of my current fragrance of choice. I have been diligently reaching for it every morning the past couple of weeks. Once disliked, and condemned to the bowels of my closet/ vanity; I recently rediscovered it and gave it a second chance. And my my, has it grabbed the chance and slowly crept up into my good books!

I find Escada fragrances to be unique. Years ago, I was gifted Magnetism and I loved it to death, literally to the very last nano- drop! Especially Escada is again a gift from Mr H. It came as a set (with a body cream) in a pretty, plush, pink box (which I am sure I have saved but can’t quite find at the moment!).

I loved the packaging; the sharp, angular glass bottle and pink tinted perfume but wasn’t a fan of the sickly, sweet rose scent at first.


Halfway through in one month ;-)
Halfway through in one month 😉


The cream disappeared in no time. But the perfume languished,  forlorn and dejected in a dark corner of my closet. Poor thing did not even make the trip to Doha when we first moved. It all changed last month though. Mr Pretty Pink is a star these days!

With some of my go- to fragrances being 3000 odd km away,  I had to dig up some old, forgotten goodies from my locked up cupboards here.

Sometime in December, I started spritzing this out of a need to try something new, not because I particularly like it. It’s top note is pear apparently, with rose being the heart note and the base note consisting of a musky complex. To me, it felt ALL ROSE. And I am not a rose lover, at least not as a perfume! That said, I get showered with compliments every time I wear this. At least a dozen people have asked me what I am wearing this past month. A couple of them have gone on to purchase Especially Escada! It must be me then. The weirdo with unusual olfactory receptors, I rarely like any of the so called “blockbuster”, best- seller perfumes.

I can’t quite discern what the top note smells like. It is fruity definitely, but I don’t get the pear. The rose appears in a few minutes and lingers for what feels like forever. There is an underlying acetone-ish smell as well sometimes, which definitely shouldn’t appear in a high- end perfume such as this in my opinion. The muskiness takes a long time to appear. In fact, this is one of those perfumes that smells better at the end of the day. Subtle and vague, one isn’t quite sure what it smells like but it is unique and distinct. It smells very different on my Mum compared to what it does on me (or maybe we smell it differently on ourselves!), and I like that. It is a strong scent and does last the whole day. It can come off very strong when you first spray it (to me it is almost nauseating) but it does “settle down” pretty quickly.

To me, it is an acquired taste. It seems to be growing on me. The more I wear it, the more I want to wear it. If you like floral or rose based fragrances, this might be right up your alley. And to me, it is a “day perfume” hands down and is definitely work  appropriate.


As gift set, the Mister tells me around 385 QAR (That is over a year ago, and the Mister has poor memory :-P)

As per the website –  For 75 ml (2 oz)  58 GBR/ 85 USD

Like at second sight!
Like at second sight!

Till the next perfume..

Dr J.

P. S. One of the perks of being married to someone whose likes are tangentially opposite to yours- you get to try and love things that you would never pick up for yourself!

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