Feeling chatty.

Hella folks!

Another weekend post. I know, it’s been a flurry of posts. I am in compulsive blogging mode 🙂 And it is only on weekends such as these that I can sit back and chat up.

So, what makes for a beautiful Sunday?

A laid back, late start. Check.

Getting all dolled up in traditional garb and putting on blingy, uncomfortably high heels. Check.

A sumptuous, elaborate lunch at an old buddy’s wedding. Check.

A food induced nap with a book resting open in your hands. Check.

A drooly, well rested baby, Check.

Family coffee chatter, visiting relatives and associated bedlam. Check.

Trying out and tinkering about with newly purchased creams, lotions, make-up and goodies. Check.

Home breaking- in of shiny, new boots. Check.

Planning and bickering over the next family vacation with the Mister. Check.

Prepping for a long, work- week ahead. Check.

‘Twas a day of petty accomplishments and immense relaxation folks.

Oh no, this isn't it. There was so much more, just couldn't wait around!
Oh no, this isn’t it. There was so much more, just couldn’t wait around!





What were you folks up to this weekend?

Till next time..

Dr J.



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