Shopping Saturday- Unhinged January sales and shopper’s high!


Dr J is a little high folks. Apologies, on her behalf.

She is drunk on consumerism. Intoxicated with retail therapy.

Does anybody around here know the sheer, infrangible pleasure of giving into your vice? Of letting go?

Like growing out your hair long and strong. Of conditioning and oiling it. Nurturing it. And then going to the fanciest salon in town and getting an ultra- short bob.

Of being on a zero- carb, no- sugar, no fat diet for eons and then indulging in fat laden burgers and carb- loaded pastries and other goodies.

Of feeling free and unrestrained. Of knowing it may lead to later regret and ruefulness and yet going ahead nevertheless?

Well, the Doc recently had one such day.

A shopaholic with a full wallet, during January sales; is like a recovering drug addict stumbling into a crack house (sorry for the crass analogy :-))

Dare I say, things got a bit out of hand…

Sharing "some" (ahem!) o the spoils.
Sharing “some” (ahem!) of the spoils.


FullSizeRender (76)
Shush! Not a word to Mr H.


FullSizeRender (77)
Dr J’s kind of  heaven. When will Doha have such book stores and sales? Sigh!


Tried and tested loves!



Well, well. No harm done folks. It is all part of a grand plan. Almost every item belonged to a well thought- out, exalted, master- list. 🙂 Many were lusted after for long. Many were tried and tested re- purchases. Some obviously were impulse buys.

Anyhoo, after some rotten days; the good doctor was in dire need of some retail therapy.

Hopefully loads of reviews coming up ladies. J has vowed to venture into more product reviews and tangible posts, rather than the excess of dark, pseudo- philosophical mumbo- jumbo that her alter ego has been spouting these past few days.

Soon then.

Till next time.

Dr J’s sane, sober self.


* Kindly Note- Some items/ purchases/ pictures cannot be shared here at this moment- for domestic peace and harmony purposes. Also, no husbands were harmed in the process of this act and in the making of this blog post. No banks were broken either. 😉


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