Friday Flutters- It creeps up again..

It come and goes.

Waxes and wanes.

Gathers and disperses.

Blooms and withers.


The blinding light and the pitch black.

The all- enchanting angel and the all- consuming demon.

Both within. And without.

Ripping apart.

And making whole again.


The misery and ecstasy, bound irrevocably. Inseparable.

The joy is superfluous. Reasonless. Beyond rationality.

The wretchedness is equally immeasurable and inexplicable.

Both entwined.

One inevitably giving way and morphing into another.



Living life in hyperbole. Plagued by exaggeration. Blessed by the extremes.

The happiness is beyond reason. An impending explosion.

The darkness is all consuming. An imminent implosion.

It is too bright. Or too dark.


Life is brilliantly vivid. Intensely intensified.

Feeling more than required. Thinking more than necessary.

One trudges on.


Blessings can still be counted.

For the heightened emotions. The love around. The support.

For the gift of being able to appreciate the extremes of human thought and feeling.


Life is still beyond precious.

For the darkness makes the light that much more beautiful.

The extremes teaches the worth of mundanity.

The hour is always darkest when the dawn is nigh!


Battle on.

Fight each day. Yet, let it go.

In the darkest hour, just live to fight another day.

Embrace the angel and tame the demon. For they both co- inhabit.

‘Tis the only way.

To live on.


Till next time.











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