Currently Crushing- Zoe Edition!

Hello lovely people!

How are you all doing? Mama has told me to go ahead and post what I like. And I thought why not literally post “what I like”! So here goes.


My bottles of choice- The Avent and Tommee Tippee sippers.

FullSizeRender (61)
No baby- bottles for me please!

I never liked those weird textured teats on the baby- bottles. I rejected them outright when Mama first tried to make me drink her milk from them. I think she finally got it, that I will never drink from them. So, I have been on the “big- baby- bottles” and sippy cups for a while now. I think I have got a hang of them.


My mobility toys

Chasing the ball!
Chasing the ball!

I can walk now! Well, almost. I try to get in as much practice as I can can everyday. I love to roll this pretty Disney ball and then chase it.

Simba, Thoggy and Wormie!
Simba, Thoggy and Wormie!

Mama keeps keying them, they keep running and I am kept busy chasing πŸ™‚


My smarty- pants toys.

Stackables- Not as easy as they look okay
Stackables- Not as easy as they look okay

Mama keeps mouthing the colours and alphabets on them. Pah! I can barely stack them up, no way I can remember all those names!

I still have not figured this one out..
I still have not figured this one out.. but I love rolling and chasing it Β πŸ™‚


Food time is sooo much fun!

FullSizeRender (63)
Me trying to grab the camera with my grubby hands!

I love troubling Mama on the dining table. Hehe. She gets annoyed so easily, not at all like Papa. Papa is super- cool, he lets me have some fun with my food.


Bedtime rituals.

I get one a night..
I get one a night..

Every night, I get all cleaned up. Then we goof around in the bed for a while. I fling the pyjamas out of the way. Smear lotion everywhere. Fight Mama when she tries to get my nappy on. Wiggle and wriggle out of my PJs as Papa tries to put them on and try to grab the books that Mama tries to read to me. Someday I shall be interested in the stories, for now I just want to fiddle around with the books!

Pounding the bed- bugs!
Pounding the bed- bugs!

Oh yeah! I almost forgot. Every night I pound a few bed- bugs before going to sleep. It is almost a ritual now.


My poor ,dry skin 😦

My poor ,dry skin :-(
This works!

Mama is brilliant I tell you. The weather has been nasty to my skin and she has been fretting over it. Grams almost dunks me in coconut oil everyday before my bath, and Mama smears this cream after- the combo seems to be working for now.

Anyhoo, I guess that is all for today. Those are the things I am loving/ liking at the moment. See you all soon okay.


Like Mama, like Zoe!
Like Mama, like Zoe!

Till next time.




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