It is all a lie.

It is all a lie folks.

All the idioms and phrases and euphemisms. All the wise- men -speak. All the “elder’s wisdom”.

We are fed lies and half- truths from the moment we are born.

All meant to keep us in check.

Decrees, rules, conventions and principles to rein in the innately unscrupulous human race.


Your future is not in your hands.

You do not determine your destiny.

Hard work does not guarantee success.

Goodness has got nothing to do with happiness.

The good things in life are never free.

Nothing and no one is irreplaceable.

You are nothing but a mere, inconsequential, smaller- than-small speck in the universe.

Your thoughts don’t matter. Your words do not count. Your actions are ineffectual.

Selflessness is a myth.

Charity is an egocentric avocation masquerading as benevolence.

Joy is an in-built characteristic, not an attainable circumstance.

Contentment is not related to fulfillment of desires.

Love does not conquer all.

All humans are equally cruel. Equally barbaric. And equally kind. We just manifest differently.

Fats and sugar don’t make you fat. Gluttony, sloth and genes do.

We are not the smartest, most intelligent species on this earth.


See, the truths above are odd to hear.

They sit awkwardly in our heads that are accustomed to the endless parade of moralistic lies.

We lie to ourselves. Every day.

We live our lies. And the lies make us who we are.


I know they are lies. And I still believe them!


Till next time..

Dr J.






3 thoughts on “It is all a lie.

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  1. It’s tempting to oppose false absololutes, X, with their opposites, X is entirely wrong. It usually replaces lies with lies. T b ere is some truth in many statements, just not absolute all the time in every case truth. Reality is messy. We do well to respect reality. Yes?

    1. True! Reality is a bit like chewing gum or pigeon droppings in your hair. Messy. Sticky. And try to grasp it or get hold of it and you risk getting it messier!

      1. Unfortunately, refusing to take sides in this age pleases very few. Truth does not play for an team, although many teams assume they own it. Thanks for your comment! – Greg

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