Marathon bucket list- Dr J’s Top 10 marathon destinations!

So, there is going to be a marathon in Doha tomorrow.

The Ooredoo Marathon 2015.

I will not be running this year though.

There is always next year 🙂

There are hundreds of marathons that are conducted every year, across the world. And thousands participate. Each race is unique and flavoured differently, thanks to the different locales and the uniquely eclectic mix of runners. But some marathons are truly one of a kind. I wish (rather hope), that I will run some of them some day.


Here are some on my bucket- list:-

1. The Bengaluru Midnight Marathon, India

It’s home, that’s why!


2. The Midnight Sun Marathon, Norway.

Marathon in an Arctic city. And the world’s most northernmost AIMS certified marathon. Do I need any more reasons? Well, how about having the sun on your back as you run, at midnight?


3. The Great Wall Marathon, China.

China is a dream destination.  A marathon along the Great Wall? Hell yeah!


4. Maratona di Roma, Italy.

With a name that almost sounds too cool for something as mundane as a  glorified running competition- running around Rome seems like a great way to take in all the sights and sounds of the historic city. And to get a marathon certificate for it – frosting on the cupcake!


5. The Eurasia Marathon (Istanbul Marathon), Turkey.

To be able to say that I once ran across two continents!


6. Marathon de Paris, France.

For the romantic in me.


7. London Marathon, England.

No reason other than- I love London. London, Mr H and I share some fantastic memories, this would be a great way to re-live them!


8. The New York City marathon, USA.


I just want to. No particular reason.


9. The Boston Marathon, USA.

The oldest of ’em all. The Holy Grail.


10. The Tokyo Marathon, Japan.

I’m intrigued and mesmerized by everything Japanese.



The list is oh-so-long folks. But I shall halt here. Let’s get this done first!

There shall be many runny dreams tonight!

Till next time..

Dr J.

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    1. I guess that’s because the places mentioned would be on the list of any one who wishes to travel… 🙂

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