Current obsessions.

I am a woman of extremes. Of obsessions. I rarely thread the middle path. I do not comprehend the tone and concept of moderation.

I do something ad nauseam, over and over again; till I cannot stand even the thought of it anymore. If I like a song, I play it on repeat till one fine day, I start to hate the sound of it. I read all the works of a particular author in one go, and most likely never come back to her/ his works again for a long time. I obsess about buying a new gadget or visiting a new place. I research endlessly and read reviews and blog posts. I watch videos on it. For days at end. And then a day comes when I tell Mr H that I absolutely NEED it my life or just HAVE to do it, or that my future happiness depends on this one thing! I derive extreme, almost abnormal pleasure when I finally obtain / realize whatever it is that I had desired .  All’s then well for a while. A brief interlude of contentment and ease ensues, until the next obsession comes along!

I can also be obsessed with multiple things at one time. For example, here are my current ones.




HIIT. My exercise fad for the month, most likely.


pile of colorful newspapers - relaxing time

Hoarding and reading magazines. Obsessively.


8.40 Polkadot Owls




Quirky surgical/ theater cap prints.



Baking and eating banana bread. Mostly eating though. And yes, it’s very counter- productive to Obsession No. 1- HIIT.


Zoe asleep, Mama content!

And finally. I am obsessed with baby-carriers, baby- wearing and baby- wearing thingamajigs and paraphernalia. Have been for a while now!


Till next time..

Dr J.

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