Of this moment.

You go to sleep one night. Mind full of worries. Anxious of petty upcoming matters. Fretting over trivial inconsequential problems. Your body gives up. For no rhyme or reason. You never wake up.

You wake up. You head to the bathroom. You are pissed at yourself for not waking up early. You will now be late to work. You slip in your shower. You never make it to work.

You make it to work late. You hate your nosey, sidey, nettlesome boss. You spend precious hours each day trying to get ahead of your slimey, conniving co-worker. You want the promotion. Bad. So you rush to a meeting, mulling over some figures in your head; not paying attention to the demented traffic. You never make it to the meeting.

The meeting goes unexpectedly well. You call your wife and gloat. You know the promotion is round the corner. You can’t wait to celebrate. You book a table at a prissy, pretentious, obscenely pricey, faux Italian restaurant. You wife is excited. She too has news apparently. She can’t wait for the elevator to come down, she runs up the stairs of your apartment building. Misses a step. She never makes it to the dinner date.

You both have a lovely dinner date. You talk about the hard past, the busy present and the impending, beautiful future. Of kids’ graduations and weddings. Of grand-kids and family vacations. Of love, joy and laughter. The kids are being watched by the kind, helpful, old but functional neighbor. The lovely old lady falls asleep for a few minutes. The little one decides he is a superhero and jumps of a table. The graduation becomes a figment of imagination. The wedding a mirage. He never makes it either of them.


That is all Life is. A fleeting, unpredictable, ever- changing, nasty little cheat. Teasing, taunting, promising. Making us believe we have control, and then dragging the carpet beneath us. Lulling us into a fake sense of permanence. We make plans, and life thwarts them. We do it again. And again. And again. We never learn. Life, the darned demon never lets us learn. We stumble in the dark, and trip in the light. The earth cracks beneath us and the skies fall on us. We fight and persevere. And one day it’s all gone. Nothing matters. We leave behind only a momentary trail of grief and memories, nothing more.

We plan for a better tomorrow, and get by each day. We exist. We waste. We do not LIVE.

Today, this moment; this very moment, is all we have. The fan rotating above may fall on me right now, and end this unproductive existence of mine. And I shall perish with millions of dreams, desires and wishes; both big and small, unrealized, unfulfilled. Poof! GONE. The end!

So yes. Let us live it up today folks, because this moment might be all we have. For the wicked devil Life may have a nasty trick or two up his sleeve!

Till next time..

Dr J.



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