Runday Monday! The all Knee me!

I am not sure if I can continue with Runday Mondays. The pièce de résistance of my work- out options may soon have to be relinquished. My knees are done with running apparently, or so they tell me. They nag and niggle. They whine and complain. They wake up creaky and achy. They refuse to bend or bear my undistinguished weight without complaint. I have abused them. And so they hate me. I give them more than the occasional day off these days. I spend a significant part of my work-out time warming them up, and cajoling them into working. I even massage and medicate them when needed. They still cry. And beg.

And so, I spent the last week doing random activities. To run less and exercise more, if that makes sense! Just to change things up. To spice and spruce things up. I have tried all these activities before. Some I still do regularly, while some were left by the wayside in no time. So, how did my still-far-from- peak-condition, strapped-for-time, older and creakier body react to them?

Monday– 10 km run (uncomfortable walk from 8 to 9.5 km and painful limp thereafter)

Tuesday– Random arm exercises with 3 kg weights in each arm. And core exercises. Upper body stretches. No cardio. 40 mins. Could barely lift arms the next day.

Wednesday– 30 mins of dancing. 15 mins of static stretching.

Thursday– 60 mins walking. 30 of which was with 8 kilos of weight strapped on back 🙂 20 mins of leg lifts, squats and stretches.

Friday– Power yoga class. 60 mins. Was heaving and nauseous in the first 30 mins- thanks to a “warm-up” that was a super- charged, seemingly endless round of Surya Namaskars! Realized how bad my current stamina and conditioning is. Every muscle in my body was sore for the next 48 hours.

Saturday- Rest day.

Sunday– Attempted to run again. Wonky knee protested. So spent an hour doing brisk power- walking. Ended up being a surprisingly good work-out.

Monday (today)- 20 mins of HIIT (high intensity interval training) with 15 mins on the stationary bike. Collapsed thereafter.

Also, work wise I spend an average of 4-6 hours on my feet everyday.

I like the freedom that my current routine affords. I exercise whenever I can, in whatever way I fancy and for however long it is possible. My ‘exercise time’ is dependent on Lil Ms Zoe’s nap-times and moods. And on most days, I am a helpless slave to Messrs Time and Circumstance. I still get cranky and irritable on days that am not able to squeeze in some activity. A part of me also feels guilty for taking time out for myself. Precious ‘not-at-work time’ that I could be spending with my daughter.But I am doing the best I can. Most days at least.

I have no weight goals. Nor do I have any size goals. I am more than happy with both. My pregnancy did not make me an “aunty” overnight (as I had once feared). And I have gladly made peace with whatever changes that Zoe has brought to my body. I am not as fit as before. I do not have the same stamina. I wish to be as fit as I can be, but I am not obsessive about it. I fear nothing now. I eat as I please (well, almost!) and don’t skimp on desserts and treats. Work, lactation, and Zoe afford me the luxury of added calories I believe. Motherhood has brought new perspective I guess. Or maybe it’s the age- milestone that is fast approaching. I now realize how important it is to not fret over the trivial and minute. My life IS NOW. Not tomorrow or five years after. There is no point in waiting to live in a better tomorrow. There are no guarantees and nothing and no one can be taken for granted.

Haha. Sorry folks. Hate sounding preachy and self- help book author-ish! In short, it’s all good folks. It’s all good.

I started on a negative note, but I feel better now. Aah blog catharsis!

So then, will I be hanging up my running shoes you ask?

I might need therapy to be able to do that. It’s after all a disease!

Till next time..

Dr J

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