The Ladies Lounge- Classic handbags for the discerning, conservative, working Mum!

Phew! That’s quite a long and boring post title. I truly seem to have gone unadventurous and bleh  in terms of personal style. Or maybe, it’s mature, classy sophistication 😉

Here are the top five (or six!) bags that I’d love to own at the moment.

For a classic-bag lover, it might be bag porn!



1. The unpretentious work bag.

The least pricey of the list, I like how functional and no-nonsense it is. Sadly, the exact style is not part of their current collection 😦

I would either buy the black or the deep maroon.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Goodbye Columbus Tote in Balck (or Deep Maroon 🙂 )



2. The pretentious work bag

It’s of the same genre as the previous bag. I still love it. Only downside is it’s over 5000 USD price tag. A girl can still wish!

The pretentious work bag
Givenchy Antigona in Medium- Black.

Miranda Kerr Steps Out For A Photoshoot


3. The out-and-about bag.

A cult- classic, the Speedy 30 is a perfect errands- on- a- weekday, shopping-in-loafers, brunch-on- Sunday sort of bag. Love how roomy, and understated it is.

Louis Vuitton Speedy Bandoulière 30 Damier Ebene canvas




4. The dressy bag.

The Chanel prices have gone through the roof. This bag still makes it to my list though. Perfect for a dinner date or a formal do. The gold- hardware and size makes it wearable with even Indian outfits.

Chanel Classic Flap Bag- Lambskin Black with gold hardware
Chanel Classic Flap Bag- Lambskin Black with gold hardware



5. Another work- bag.

Several Mulberry bags have caught my fancy over the years. This one just nudged the others out by a whisker. The Alexa is a close second.

Mulberry Bayswater Oak Natural Leather with Brass
Mulberry Bayswater Oak Natural Leather with Brass



6. Changing bag of choice.

Storksak bags will always be my “Mummy-bag” of choice. Have lusted after the Elizabeth for eons. It’s Caroline now!

Storksak Caroline Changing Bag in Tan
Storksak Caroline Changing Bag in Tan





Hope this post was a great way to begin a Sunday.

Have a great day ladies!

Till next time..

Dr J.


*Unless otherwise mentioned, the handbag pictures are from the respective websites.

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