Midnight wonts.

Mademoiselle Zoe drifts off, reluctantly. Unwilling to give up, she holds on to restless wakefulness until the cozy, welcome embrace of sleep finally wins her over and takes her over to the other side. To dreamland. A land of lilies and puppets and endless newspapers for her to rip and boundless water for her to splash around in.

As is her wont, J lays her bundle of joy and worry at Her corner of the bed, and noiselessly scoots over. A pillow takes her place. It will not serve it’s purpose for long, but it will do for now.

A year ago, on a day like this, J would have plonked face down into the pillow without a care in the world at this point. A day which sucks the life- force out of you. A day when you have more to do than the time available to humanely do it in.

It is NOT a year ago.

J opens her closet door to pick out an outfit for work the next next day. The door creaks loudly. J holds her breath and stand absolutely still. Lil’ Z stirs, but then rolls over onto her tummy and nuzzles into the replacement pillow. J starts to breathe again. And without a sound, gets out some clothes to iron.

Ironing done, she finally settles into bed. Lil Miss Zoe wanders over in her sleep. J can’t help but smile.

She settles into bed, with a million books, gadgets and paraphernelia. And thus begins her midnight wonts.


Jotting and Logging.
Jotting and Logging.

Look back at the day. Look into the next day. Cross appointments, confirm appointments, check appointments. Outline and plan chores/ errands. Enter into the Log Book.


Ahem. Me time?
Preening and pampering.

Yes. J is still at it!



For next day’s journal club/ seminar/ presentation/ case/ discussion/ whatever else they decide to throw at us.



Lord alone knows why she does this everyday! For sanity perhaps..



For the next day.



Just before Zzzzzzzzzz…….


The above pictures are grainy and dark- as they were clicked in semi- darkness. Apologies.

Good night folks.

Till next time..

Dr J.



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