Of January rain.

It is almost 5:30 AM. The unfailing Human Alarm wakes me up. She is still asleep though. The morning is enveloped in characteristic wintry, darkness. But it is uncharacteristically warm. I peel away the stifling layers of covers and blankets and get out of bed, determined to make it for the first run of the year. As the last vestiges of sleep and confusion leave my body and mind, alertness seeps in. I hear the pitter- patter outside. I look outside the window. It’s raining!

The atypical January rain is pleasantly surprising. I don’t remember the last time it rained on the first day of a new year. It’s as if, the universe wants a fresh, clean, ‘new’ start. Never one to fall for the new year/ birthday/anniversary ballyhoo, and for someone who wishes others out of conventional compulsion and propriety – this year seems different.

There is sense of occasion, a sense of new-ness. This new year, feels like a New Year, for reasons unknown. So, I start the year with a cancelled run. I start my year losing to the elements. Or maybe, I start the year  with a gift from the universe, the most precious gift of all- a couple more hours of sleep!

I am not going to squander my precious gift by rambling aimlessly here. I shall therefore bid adieu for today folks. Hope many of you (the childless and religiously unobligated) are wasted and hope all the others are granted an extra few hours of sleep. Hope all you folks have an easy first day of the year. Hope the traffic doesn’t madden you and hope your boss is on leave. Hope your spouses and partners take you out and surprise you with some gifts and completed chores. Hope your kids stick to their nap-times and eat without fuss. Hope your minds are light and merry, and your bodies in prime functioning condition. Hope the universe is kind to you, as it is to me this morning!

Happy New Year folks!

And this year, I say it with meaning and feeling, not out of convention 🙂 (I do not make new year resolutions but I am going to give it a shot this time. I shall try to remain true. To myself and to the world. I’m starting off well.)

Till next time..

Dr J.

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