The Ladies Lounge- Currently Crushing!

I am inclined to start off with a clichéd statement- Oh dear! How quickly the month has passed! I had hoped to make this a monthly feature, so here goes.

Here are the things that I enjoyed this month.


1.  I am skin-snob now! Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate

I am skin-snob now! Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate
Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate- Something works, not sure what.

I have already shared this on another post. To be honest, I am not sure how it works. It has not changed my skin dramatically. It has not made me radiant or luminescent. It hasn’t worked on my blemishes or my pre- 30 wrinkles. Then why is it on my list of monthly favorites, you ask? Because, it does work. Somehow. Subtly. I can feel the difference but cannot lay a finger on it. I am not daft enough to believe it will last even if I stop using it. But I’m going to enjoy it’s “benefits” while they last.


2. Custom- made. Layering scents/ perfumes.

A walking perfumery! Layering scents/ perfumes.
A walking perfumery! Layering scents/ perfumes.

These are part of a Bvlgari perfume set that I purchased on board my last Qatar airways flight (darned expensive for the teeny quantity, a full sized version would have been smarter). I am not a fan of any of them individually. One day, on a whim I mixed them up and voila- made my own custom perfume. And I got compliments galore that day.

This entire month, I have been mixing and layering perfumes. Florals with sweet scents. Musky, woody perfumes over super- sweet smelling ones. It’s a great way to use up some of my not-so- favorite perfumes and the best part- I don’t smell like anybody else!

Be warned though, some perfumes should just not be mixed 🙂


3.  Daily winter face. The Body Shop Lip & Cheek Stain, Maxfactor Liquid Effect Pencil in 05 Brown Blaze and MAC Face and Body.

Quick and easy.
Quick and easy.

Most days I slap on some sunscreen on my face, fill- in my brows and rim my eyes with kohl and I’m done. (Without kohl, I look like the undead.) On days that I want to look decent, I have been using these tried and tested oldies.


4. Zoe’s picks. Shirts from Zara Baby.

Baby chic!
Baby chic!

I picked these up from Zara Baby last week. These shirts are great for layering and are super soft. I have been dressing Zoe in these shirts and leggings almost everyday these past few days. It’s hard to describe how adorable she looks in them- miniature adult-ish but also baby- chic!


5. Biker Mama! Leather Jackets.

Chic Mama?
Chic Mama?

Mama has been obsessed with leather jackets lately. Black, brown, tan, beige, grey- color no bar! It really fits in with the whole winter /biker- Mama look. (Mama does ride a two- wheeler most of the time!)


6. More bike- friendly stuff. Backpacks.

Backpack crush
Backpack crush!

Handbags, totes and satchels are so last- season; and extremely bike- unfriendly. So backpack it is. And obviously not the generic, canvas variety!


7. Nifty gift from the Mister– Generic, inexpensive tech trinket.

For the night owl- LED keypad light with USB
For the night owl- LED keypad light with USB

Another oldie but goodie. My friend in need! My old Grampy Lappy is blind in the dark. With no keypad backlight, I was driving everyone crazy with my typos and mistypes. This helps. Trust me. Especially when your baby wants lights-out at 10 PM and you stay awake till 2 AM.


8. Sample queen! Trying samples.

Samples galore.
Samples galore.

I have suddenly turned into sample freak. I hoard samples and then religiously try them. For what joy, you ask? Just because folks. Just because!


 9. Back to classics– Re-visiting favorite classic books. 

With absolutely zero time to spend reading new books, I keep my book- hungry monster in check with a small dose of CLASSIC everyday. I randomly pick up an old, already- read book and read a few chapters before drifting off; ergo the recent posts on Wuthering Heights, Anna Karenina, The Metamorphosis etc.



Finito folks. That is all for the month of December. Hope the new year brings loads more new and shiny things for Dr J to try 🙂

Till next time..

Dr J.

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P.S. Any pretty/ shiny/ fragrant things you ladies having been crushing on recently?

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