Of small mercies.

It is the most unlikely time for me to be typing a blog post- early morning. I decided to forgo my run. It is cold and cuddling with Zoe is far more appealing then getting into my tracks and braving the morning chill. I make the easy choice this morning. What is life, if I cannot make the occasional “easy choice”?

The “weekend” vaporized. It was a cavalcade of chores, of things I had put off during the week. Of guilt- tinged Zoe-time. Of endless errands. Of pending  work.

I ain’t complaining folks. Oh no. I have everything I need, and more. Of wants, we shall not make mention; for they are legion. I am merely venting. Letting some steam out, like our trusty Indian pressure cookers! After all The Blog is the online me. An online journal. Private journals should never exist in my opinion. I once upon a time wrote in a journal religiously. Every night. And then tore it all up years later. I did not want to read about the embarrassing, private me. If you decide to lay your fickle soul and dark mind on paper- the one you don’t the world to envision; you risk being found out. If that is a risk you are willing to take, or if your life- events and inner- thoughts are world -changing, then go ahead, put them down on paper. But if they are the usual stream of mundane jealousies, petty squabbles and unexceptional complexes and problems- then putting them on paper is otiose.

I digress senselessly! Anyhoo, it’s time to get out of pyjamas. Another work- week begins, as another year ends. And yes, this uncharacteristic early-morning-post was initiated by the undisturbed eight hour long sleep that I had last night. The first in over a year!

I am thankful. For small mercies!

Have a lovely day y’all!

Till next time..

Dr J.



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