The news and magazine junkie!

Hello folks!

‘Twas a dull day at work today. With her consultant off on vacation, there was just some ho- hum post- op and follow-up drills for J to do. Nothing more.

She had time to kill, which she did admirably by reading news and magazines ad nauseam.

Random words, phrases and paragraphs stood out. And they stuck with her the entire day. To mull over. To ponder about.



“Storming the Army Public School (APS) and Degree College premises in a hail of gunfire and explosives-laden suicide vests, the militants did not enter to take hostages and negotiate with power brokers and members of the government; they came to kill and strike a fatal blow to the last remaining vestiges of humanity left in this Pakistan, and they succeeded. Every passing minute, with the death toll rising and red tickers on television screens changing their statistics, left onlookers gasping for air, parents wailing for their trapped angels, newscasters fighting back tears and Special Services Group (SSG) commandos at the ready wondering how things could have gone so horribly, bloodily wrong.

Brave teachers evacuated panicked students and were pumped full of bullets and the principal was burned alive in front of the children to instil maximum terror. Dressed as paramilitary personnel, the militants duped the children to reveal who among them were from army families; they naively shot up their little hands, thinking they were going to be rescued, but were instead shot between the eyes. Others played dead and cowered under desks and behind chairs only to be dragged out and gunned down. More than a dozen explosives rang out during the eight- hour-long siege — say that to yourself again: eight hours of defenceless children ambushed without the protective cover of a mother or father’s undying love, shielding their darlings from any and all harm. There is no greater human tragedy.”

-Reem Wasay, Op-ed Editor of Daily Times, Pakistan. Published in THE HINDU, Dec 18, 2014. (Read the full article)

“The best description of the Cold War was given by Henry Kissinger, himself a protagonist: “The superpowers often behave like two heavily armed blind men feeling their way around a room, each believing himself in mortal peril from the other, whom he assumes to have perfect vision…. Of course, over time, even two blind men can do enormous harm to each other, not to speak of the room.”

-FRONTLINE, Print edition : December 12, 2014 (Read the full article)

The above description stands true even today. Only now it applies to all countries. All seem to be blind and in mortal fear of the other who he assumes to have perfect vision.

This might be interesting to all the science lovers. Especially those in awe of the human brain…

How a movie changed one man’s vision forever

Bruce Bridgeman lived with a flat view of the world, until a trip to the cinema unexpectedly rewired his brain to see the world in 3D. The question is how it happened. (BBC Future- Read)


And her favorite for the day….

Capture 22

-Womansday magazine, Jan 2015.

Ponder away folks! Do tell us what words struck you today.

And yes, embrace the day as well!

Till next time…

J and Dr J.

P.S. All folks from Qatar, hope you had a grand and festive National Day!

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