Ma Wednesday- Lotions and potions for a time- strapped, working Mama!

So, a couple of weeks or so have passed since I told you folks how uncool I am (or was) when it comes to skincare. (Read here)

Knowing all too well that they are no miracle cures or magical potions that medically/ scientifically make any sense, I still decided to go ahead and make an effort.

Honestly, this is what I think my skin looked like- all thanks to my skin physiology/ type, my negligence and the harsh climate.

Dr J’s parched cutis!


For the longest time, my acne- prone skin was tortured by dermatologists and their weapons of mass destruction- salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide and retinoic acid.

And the only “skincare” worth mentioning consisted of prescription items such as this-

What got me through my acne- ridden teenage years...
What got me through my acne- ridden teenage years…

But I have been slowly making some changes over the years. As the end of Decade Three draws ever so close, I frantically try to get to know my skin, and what works for it.

Lack of time is a serious impediment to any and all projects that I embark on nowadays. So, whatever I buy or choose to try should be quick and easy.

Here goes…


Trusty ol' Cetaphil!
Trusty ol’ Cetaphil!

Have been using this for ages now. I do not feel the need for an industrial strength, hard- core, fancy (read “pricey”) cleanser first thing in the morning.

Bases and Sunscreens
Bases and Sunscreens

I used a medicated sunscreen made by Ranbaxy for almost ten years. My dermatologist did not let me use anything else! But it made me look like I slept with the frying pan (unwashed of course) on me the previous night.

I ditched it, and found a sunscreen that worked great for my skin-  La Roche- Posay Anthelios XL SPF 50 Extreme Fluid. The only problem was it’s limited availability and price (and it’s annoyingly long, tongue- twister of a name!). So, now I’m branching out.

I like both the above products, but not enough to rave about either. I might go back to the La Roche- Posay blu bla blee. Oops sorry, my tongue slipped 🙂


Getting the grime off...
Getting the grime off…

I use the Clean Express, to get the kohl and stubborn mascara off. The Himalaya face- wash gets my skin squeaky clean, without drying it too much.

Then we get into the hard- core stuff!

Order of use- Eye- cream, serum, cream, lip product.
Order of use- Eye- cream, serum, cream, lip product.

Not sure if they deliver on their tall- claims, but they do leave my skin soft and supple by morning. And that is all I ask for at the moment.

And for my horribly dry extremities…

Nothing fancy here folks...
Nothing fancy here folks…

I still have some of this from my pregnancy days, I use it whenever and wherever I fancy!

Bio- oil. Apparently good for blemishes and stretch- marks. Ha ha ha...
Bio- oil. Apparently good for blemishes and stretch- marks. Ha ha ha…

Occasionally (okay, rarely) when I feel like my visage needs a through scrubbing, I go the “apricot- scrub” route. There is something strangely calming and invigorating about scrubbing your face…

Another oldie.
Another oldie.

Yes. That’s about it. Probably still not cool enough to harp about. But it’s a start alright. I mean, I can actually call it a routine now. And I can see the difference.

I have a whole bunch of samples lying around which I intend to religiously try out. And yes, the whole “routine” (morning and evening) takes up a total of 12 minutes of my day! Not bad eh?

Till next time…

Dr J.


Products mentioned/ info-

1. Cetaphil Ceansing Lotion (for sensitive skin) 125 ml- INR 149 (available in Qatar as well)

2. Cetaphil Moisturing Cream 80 gm- INR 270

3. La Roche- Posay Anthelios XL SPF 50 Extreme Fluid 50 ml- INR 1250 (Amazon)

4. ZA True White Day Protector 35 g- INR 799

5. Maybelline Clean Express Total Clean make-up remover – INR 275 (over- priced in Qatar!)

6. Himalaya Purifying Neem Foaming Face- Wash 150 ml – INR 195 (About 25- 28 QAR in Qatar if I remember right)

7. Blistex Relief Cream- About 20 QAR  (I think…Don’t shoot me if I’m wrong!)

8. Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Eye Cream- INR 599

9. Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Night Cream- Dry Skin- INR 3450 (old price)

10. Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate- Rs 3200

11. Nivea Hand Cream- 28 QAR

12. Nivea Creme- Don’t remember.

13. Bio- Oil- INR 450 (costs double that in Qatar)

14. St Ives Apricot Scrub- Don’t remember. (Sadly there are no MRP stickers in Qatar!)

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