Ma Wednesday- Utter turpitude, inconceivable anguish.

There are many things unbeknown to me. But of one thing I am sure.

That there is no greater anguish than seeing your child hurt.

The death of an offspring is the hardest, heaviest, most wretched cross to bear.

Inconceivable. Unbearable.


What depravity of soul and mind instills such misplaced hatred and convoluted ideology in a human head?

What heartless creature envisions such macabre designs?

What society breeds such maleficence?

What God dictates such rabidness?

The justifications are irrelevant.

The excuses pointless.


Someone, somewhere is appeased by the tortured harangue and unfettered insanity of a grief stricken mother.

A man with unfocused, demented eyes; searching in vain for his living, breathing child brings joy….

What words of comfort does one offer? What acts of solace can be done?

None, my friend. None.

For nothing shall lessen their pain.

No salve can soothe their bleeding hearts.

No words shall penetrate their grief- stricken thoughts.

Condolences are but mere words.

They will forever walk with a hollowness within.

Eat, sleep, live with a pain that never leaves.


Oh Lord! Whoever and wherever you are, what demons have you granted life to?

I hope to melt into the arms of Death himself, before I witness such a day myself.

Lord, please grant me this wish if no other.

To take me, before you do Her.

Asking for a better world, or a saner human race is apparently too much.

Hence, grant me this one wish, if no other!


Till next time…

A petrified, revolted mother in mourning.


“The smallest coffins are alas the heaviest….”


2 thoughts on “Ma Wednesday- Utter turpitude, inconceivable anguish.

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  1. “The smallest coffins are alas the most heaviest….” SubhanAllah! Weighty words there. I am ashamed to say I haven’t been following the news. May Allah console the bereaved. 😦

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