Weekend Doha Diaries? A bloody good day!

Hello folks!

I was hoping to put up a post everyday. But it’s getting harder by the day.

At the moment, my body yearns to sleep. Rest. Shut down.

My brain’s whirring restlessly. A magazine article set it off. I thought I’d tell you folks about that. But I’m worn out. Let’s save it for another day, shall we?

Since I’m trying to get back to our old posting schedule, it should have been “Weekend Doha Diaries” today. But honestly, right now Doha seems a distant, alternate universe. Unreal.

Anyhoo, I intend to sort this blogging schedule soon. Right after my two hundred and twenty sixth item/ chore on my to-do list!

As far as today goes, it was bloody, darned good day. Literally!

And yes, Lil’ Z’s bedtime story today was my surgical notes for today’s cases.

We had dinner while watching the news.

Zoe fiddled with her play- phone while Mama made her phone calls.

We then played hide and seek with the blankets and then it was lights- out and sleep-time for Zoe.


Mama tip toes around the room and gathers her paraphernalia.

Organizer, lappy, iPad, phone, books, magazines, journal……

The day hasn’t ended yet!


Till next time…

Dr J.


P.S. I hope you lovely folks are accustomed to the random, disconnected, staccato tone  of the posts and this blog in general. You better, or this ain’t for you!



8 thoughts on “Weekend Doha Diaries? A bloody good day!

Add yours

  1. Chopper sounds good, expensive affair, but when you use a chopper, if feel of getting down ASAP, the sound of fans & engine is irritating….wont feel to use it again…

    1. Sadly, it’s no better here 😦

      And to think I will be there in a few days….there seems to be no end in sight in terms horrid traffic!

      At least, there is some semblance of order and lane discipline there…it’s mental here! Utter chaos!

      1. I’m considering giving up all our life savings and getting a chopper… I would be a happier person…and ultimately isn’t happiness our ultimate goal…

      2. yes. i have also had similar thoughts while waiting endlessly on the corniche.. what if i had a chopper that took me from home to where i wanted to go.. no red lights, no land cruisers flashing headlights behind u, no taxis in front of you waiting to press on the brakes just because they saw someone waving at them from the other side of the road,, the list goes on..

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