Recap Thursday- Que Será, Será.

Whatever will be, will be. This has been J’s motto for the week.

Be it Lil’ Z’s schedule, work, exercise, food, traffic, family, LIFE…. sometimes it’s best to let things be.

Not to waste valuable life- force, fighting.

You may not get what you desire.

You  may not be in the state to fight for what you desire.

Or it may entail untenable sacrifices.

What you desire may not be what is best for you.

What does one do then?

Give up?

Forsake long cherished dreams?

Make excuses for life?


And NO.

You let time win a round.

Or two.

You let Him believe that you have acceded defeat.

You lay low.

For a while.

Bide your time.

Wait for your turn.

Or for a better time.

You let the tide carry you, wherever it may wish to.

Swim against the current occasionally, just enough to keep you afloat.

And close enough to the shore that calls out to you.

Your time too shall come.

Save the energy.

And all your fight.

For Your Time.

Just live.


To fight another day.

For now, let things be.

Do no further harm, if at all you may.

For sometimes in life, you have no say.

Call it fate, or destiny, or chance, or luck or a higher power.

Sometimes you are compelled to tread on paths that are not of your choosing.

The destination can still be Your’s. 

Bide your time. friend.

Because sometimes in life….

Que Será, Será.

Whatever will be, will be!


Till next time…

Biding her time,

Dr J.


P.S. Ahem…this ain’t a poem folks. It’s a thought thread. And rhyming is not intentional. Please ignore it wherever it crops up!



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