Ma Wednesday- Meet ZOE!

You folks have heard scores of “ZOE stories”.

Don’t you want to meet the star of this blog?

Introducing Ms Z aka Z/ Zoe/ Lil’ Z…..

9 months old.

Slightly crazy.

Moderately stubborn.

Extremely inquisitive.

Almost walking.

Selective eater.

Mandarin connoisseur.

Baby Einstein cognoscente.

Master facial contortionist.

Tongue- twisting, eye- ball rolling,  ambidextrous maverick.

Daytime insomniac.

Travel- friendly.

Frequent flier.

Stillness averse.

Squirming champion.

Marathon crawler.

Finder of lost items from unbeknown nooks and crannies.

Expert babbler.

Bubble lover.

Bath enthusiast.

Medicinal dropper despising.

Early riser.

Late settler.

Book snatcher cum destroyer.

Wire grabber cum hoarder.




Cot jumper.

A maestro of The Tumble.

Unfathomably cherished.

Unconditionally loved.

Boundless joy spreader.

Perennial smile initiator.

Papa’s girl.

Mama’s shadow.

The H household overlord!


PicMonkey Collage 2



Is this how you folks envisioned her?

Till next time….

Zoe’s Mama.




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