Update: Blogger’s block, jewelry shopping and bad internet!

I am usually in one of three states of mind:

1. Verbal/ Mental diarrhea-

The thoughts pour forth, words tumble out violently, nimble fingers fly across the keyboard.

I am in control, but the thoughts and words have a mind of their own.

I cannot stop thinking.

Not talking makes me physically sick; almost.

I want to post a dozen blog posts a day.

I want to write a Lord of the Rings fan fic book in one day.

I want to call every person on my contacts list and speak for an hour to each.

I want to talk till Mr H’s ears bleed.

Yeah, so that is one state.

2. Notional constipation.

I am morose and moody. Borderline anti-social.

I want to throw the kitchen sink at anybody who wants/ dares to initiate conversation/ discourse/ discussion.

I try to limit contact with non- essential human entities.

I despise the idea of blogging.

Words seem stuck at conception.

Thoughts are mangled, distorted and incoherent.

I punch the keyboard savagely, inefficiently. The savagery partly to ease the fuddled mind and partly to compensate the diminished mental faculties and scarcity of type-able thoughts.

3. Indifferent inactivity. 

The words and thoughts are overabundant. The motivation to put them to good use is utterly bereft.

The head constantly tells me to do something, yet the physical being refuses to act on it’s command.

Out of sync.




I think I have been in State 3, the past couple of days. So much to say, to write; but I just can’t seem to bother enough to actually do it.

Maybe it is blogger’s block.

I am in thorough vacation mode. Yet there is not a moment to spare. Oddly contradictory.

So, what have I been up to, these past few days?

Like any self- respecting, half- decent Keralite/ Malayalee (Malayalam speaking, hailing/originating from/ having- roots- in Kerala-  southern state in India), any trip to home is incomplete without the almost- ritualistic, mandatory trip to the jeweler.

The jewelry stores here are akin to malls. Multi- storied, packed with bling and glitter from floor to ceiling. You may mistake them to be a railway platform at rush- hour- they are that crowded.

I went there to whet my recently acquired appetite for the yellow metal.

I have been in an Indian jewelery store innumerable times.

Still, the Great Indian Love Affair  (the Malayalees are by far the worst of the lot) with gold amazes and astounds me.

How an entire family of ten (smallest, random number I could think of in this instance), can spend their entire day (weeks actually!), trying on and choosing ornaments for a soon-to-be bride; and how a hard- earning, salaried, middle-aged man can put his entire life-savings into buying the aforementioned ornaments for his daughter is beyond me. (Though, I too can be accused of an altered version of the same crime)

He will take loans for, pawn his belongings, mortgage his home, sell his heirlooms, beg, borrow, steal, pledge; so that his lovely, educated, well- mannered, cultured, skillful, employed/ professional daughter can be made an gaudy, shiny, yellow mannequin on her wedding day.

The proud, young, modern woman is measured by the yellow metal’s worth alone. Nothing more. Nothing less. Pity.

All this, while the jewelry houses/ stores/ families fill their coffers and laugh all the way to the bank and beyond. No pity here.

Okay. No idea where this post is heading. I guess I have gone from State 3 to 1. Be warned folks!

It’s late and I can sense the verbal diarrhea coming.

Run and hide friends. Run…

I still have to title the post… and sorry I don’t have any pictures to share.

I have contraptions of every kind.

Meant to take fantastic, pixel- suffused, memory- killing, visually aesthetic, low-but-seemingly-high-resolution- ed images.

Hell, I even have a Lumia.

Unfortunately, my two upper limbs are perennially occupied these days. All thanks to a squirmy, super- active, inquisitive, vocal 8 month old. In spite of all the good intentions and planning, my days and actions are never quite how I hope them to be.

And the internet is still on course- on the path to drive me insane. It comes and goes as it pleases. The good folks at BSNL ( telecom/ broadband provider) have washed their hands off. I seem to have some bad internet karma. Not that I believe in karma at all. Just a phrase.

I guess this is enough “random- ramble” for one day.

I hope I have amazed you with my ability to tackle several unrelated, oddly tangential topics in one almost logical, barely coherent post.

Forgive the randomness. Embrace it, if all possible. It’s great fun.

Till next time…

Dr J.



6 thoughts on “Update: Blogger’s block, jewelry shopping and bad internet!

Add yours

      1. Been sick (see my latest post) but sooo glad to be back and catching up with my favorite blogger! Will have to spend some time next weekend catching up on what I’ve been missing!

      2. Oh! So that’s what happened! I have been dropping by at your place (virtual that is) often. Saw no activity….

        Anyhoo, glad you are finally taking care of yourself. And great to have you back doc!

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