Outward bound. And hat’s off to all single parents!

Hella folks!

It’s been a while. A short while. But a while nonetheless.

This post was supposed to be up last night, the darned internet and my own dull-witted, forgetful brain colluded and made the post disappear.


Just like that.

Half an hour.

Precious,precious time.

Where the baby sleeps and the tired, unwell Momma decides to say hi to the internet instead of slipping into bed with the little one.


So, when the post disappears, and there is no Mr. H to the rescue, J decided to #$%^ all and hit the sack.

All things can be tackled with a rested mind and the morning light.

Here she is then…

She found the “unsaved” post in an obscure “trash” folder. Miserably waiting to be rescued. To be shone light of day.


Dr J has been on the run. Literally. Not form the law or anything exciting like that. But from time.

Each day is an exercise in incompleteness.

Each night brings with it a sigh of tired acceptance. Acceptance of loosing to Mr Time. Yet again.

Each morning, ushers in another day of un- ticked off to-do lists and errands.

To add to her woes, the internet is dodgy and unreliable here.

The Doctor and Lil’ Z are in God’s own country at the moment.

Both are a little under the weather, but are enjoying the rain and food.

They will be travelling the entire length of the banana shaped state in the coming weeks.

The beginning has not been the greatest.

The flight was so- so.

With all the praise that Dr J sings of Bangalore airport, it let her down this time.

A couple of rude encounters and the “missing” high chair left a bad taste.

But yes, she would like to thank the good people at Himalaya for sponsoring the cozy, hip yet functional baby/ changing rooms at the airport. This is better that many such rooms at some rally fancy airports across the globe. Bravo!

J has mentioned them before, but did not have pictures to share (Compare with changing room at Qatar airport). So here…





They were all stocked by the way.


Clean and sunny!


Two changing/ nursing rooms


These are just for advertising purposes I assume.


A comfortable chair to sit and nurse.


I should have but I did not.


Thank you for the small pleasures!


Also, special thanks to the pilots who flew J and Z to Thiruvanathapuram- for the specially jarring, heart-in-mouth landing!


Oh Oh! Lots of phones and bags went flying down the aisle.


J loves take-offs and landings. Particularly how each city appears as the plane approaches the tarmac.

The clouds, palm trees and the sea beckons…








And yes, before she signs off, she would like to bow down, kneel in front- of, bend over, and get her hat off to all the single parents out there. How a human being manages to raise a child, all by their own with no spouse and no support system fall back upon is beyond her. Hail all you super men/ women/ people.


Till next time…

Dr J.

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