Gone girl and Jack Reacher, odd but able company.



Here’s another confession.

I am an addict.

An internet addict.

The world wide web has well and truly ensnared Dr J.

I can spend endless hours on the internet.

Doing particularly nothing.




The one downside of constant travel is compromise. Adjustment.

One has to be willing to let go.

Of habits, likes, quirks, dislikes, compulsions, rituals, fixations, dependencies, patterns….

So, when a web page takes eons to open, and checking the mail becomes a long, drawn out chore, and uploading a decent resolution picture becomes neigh impossible…. You give in. And you give up.


So what does an addict do when his drug of choice is unavailable.

He finds a substitute.

Something else to occupy his restless mind and fidgety body.

J has gone back to an old vice.

The land of the written word.

Not that she ever left. Or gave up.

But the obsessive, compulsive nature had worn off.

It’s back though.

It is hard being a chain reader.

It consumes you.

You finish a book and you cannot wait to pick up another.


So yeah, it’s been a crazy week. I have consumed about 7 books in ten days.

That is impressive (if I may say so myself), considering the current situation.

Have been on a Jack Reacher marathon. Lee Child’s non-hero protagonist.


Jack Reacher's creator- Lee Child.
Jack Reacher’s creator- Lee Child.


And to take a break from Reacher, I finally picked up Gone Girl.

The movie has been hyped and harped about. And I for one, never watch a adapted-from-book-movie before reading the book.


It is blasphemy in my eyes.


And did you know that Agatha Christie was the original “Gone Girl”?

Sort of.

I had once read about how Christie went “missing” and then re-appeared a while later. She also had a cheating husband, who intended to marry his much- younger mistress. Sounds familiar?  

So, then I got into a Gillian Flynn (author of Gone Girl) trip. Searching for and reading her earlier works. Because an author’s best work is not usually her most popular. The best is usually the one previous to or the one after her “bestseller” work. So yes, I am now onto Sharp Objects. And Dark Places is next.

I like her titles. They call out to the dark places within. Pun intended.

Will fill you folks in with full reviews soon.

Flynn- I get where her books come from.
Flynn- I get where her books come from.


Till then…

Dr. J.


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