A “phone-y” conundrum!

Why Samsung, why? Thou inflict-eth such misery. The good doctor patiently waited for your arrival. With bated breath. With crossed fingers. Hoping against hope. That thou shalt unriddle the conundrum. By bartering your wares for fewer currencies! Alas, thou let the Doctor down! Sigh...   The Doctor may now consider falling for the Apple. After... Continue Reading →

There’s no place like “home”!

The weather in Doha was at it's ficklest. Erratically cloudy and dusty. Swelteringly hot and humid one minute and surprisingly un-hot (can't call it "cool" yet!) the next. The day Dr J left Doha, the city seemed to be in a glum mood. Dark and threatening to pour. Alas, no such thing transpired. J left Doha... Continue Reading →

Love you QA! For never failing us!

Hours 17 to 24... N th Qatar Airways flight... Like ever... Reliable. Comfortable. More than palatable food. More than decent on- board entertainment. Fun on- board shopping options! Always! But this flight had exceptionally courteous and intuitive crew. Must say. Or maybe...the baby cuteness kept bringing them our way! 🙂 Kudos QA! Hope your service... Continue Reading →

The parting…

Hours 13 to 16... Eerily prophetic bed cover!   Off to the airport...   The "New Doha International Airport" - NDIA/ Hamad International Airport - HIA   Had absolutely NO time to wander about the "airport- mall" and duty free outlets.   The minimalistic but spotlessly clean changing rooms...   Looking for the boarding gate,... Continue Reading →

The last supper..

Hours 1 to 12.... The "packing expert" fits everything but the kitchen sink, into three bags.   The Last Supper...Mister's choice.   Will sorely miss the morning cuppa together and the gossip and ranting that goes along...   A favoured breakfast at the H household!...   And finally...the last meal....   More to come... Till... Continue Reading →


Dr J has been missing in action for a bit. Apologies. Dr J feels she is in a time- warp. Nothing makes sense. No decision is clear or correct. No scenario is ideal. Nothing is black or white. It's a grey, grey world. Part 36 or so hours have been a blur. Pictures may tell... Continue Reading →

Random thoughts and images….

If home is where the heart is, then this alien city is my home. Bangalore to Doha to Bangalore to Doha.....to....   Can this be squeezed in?     Back to where one belongs?     One last time...     Minor/ temporary beguilement...     Almost blasphemous separation....     Yet again..... less than 24... Continue Reading →

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