A “phone-y” conundrum- Top 5 contenders!

It’s late folks.

And it’s been a long, hard day.

There’s so much to be done.

I feel like I am chasing the clock.

And the clock is whupping my sorry arse!

On the phone front…

I have been tirelessly reading phone reviews, watching “this-versus-that” videos on YouTube.

I have have scoured mobile showrooms and online shopping sites.

I have made calls to friends and neighborhood retailers.

For now, all I can say is that I have narrowed the list down….from a gazillion to FIVE!


Here are the top contenders…

The hype is killing me!
The hype is killing me!


Much cheaper, yet totally relevant technology...
Much cheaper, yet totally relevant technology…


Beautifully crafted. Bravo HTC!
Beautifully crafted. Bravo HTC!


Well.. My iPad would love a sibling!
Well.. My iPad would love a sibling!


Many "Top 10" lists, claim this is the best. It seems to be one hell of a device!
Many “Top 10” lists claim this is the best. It seems to be one hell of a device!


So, which shall it be?

We shall soon know……

Any tips/ suggestions?

Random fact: Mr H finds it ridiculously absurd that I am only looking at giant screens and phablets despite the fact that my hands are the size of a twelve year old’s!


Till next time…

Dr J.






9 thoughts on “A “phone-y” conundrum- Top 5 contenders!

Add yours

  1. I bought a phone last month after reading hundreds of reviews. I ditched all the phones in my list and went for an HTC One mini 2 (HTC One M8 Mini). Reviews were not great for that one, but I just fell for the looks, size and great feel in my small hands lol!

  2. I had a Samsung Galaxy in the past. Awful, it broke down so many times in the first year until it sort of burnt inside (I kid you not). However my brother had one for ever and ever and has never had problems with his. I have an iphone (5c) at the moment and love it! xx

    1. I will agree on one thing- an iPhone is simplistically classy and a dream to use!

      But I have also had a love affair with the Galaxy Note series! 🙂

  3. For a lady, iPhone 6..
    for a guy, HTC one

    Personally, I prefer the HTC one due to my android affection.. iPhone is for those who can wait for a few years for today’ android features..

    1. For me android and ios are like two children to a mother.

      I have used both.

      I love them both. Equally!

      And unlike popular perception, women can be spec geeks and techno nerds as well 🙂

      Now what?

      And yeah, both the M8 and the iPhone 6 are beautifully crafted. Aah!

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