A “phone-y” conundrum!

Why Samsung, why?

Thou inflict-eth such misery.

The good doctor patiently waited for your arrival.

With bated breath.

With crossed fingers.

Hoping against hope.

That thou shalt unriddle the conundrum.

By bartering your wares for fewer currencies!

Alas, thou let the Doctor down!



The Doctor may now consider falling for the Apple.

After all, you all trade similarly.

The Doctor’s “slate” may now have a sibling.

Or maybe, it might no longer be “No- kia”

And HT want’s The Doctor to C him as well.

A Nexus also awaits…

Mr LG is an old friend.

And Ms Sony has been a long ally!


You did it, dear friend Samsung.

Pushed an Android lover over the edge.

By your greed and vanity.


The Doctor wanted to love you.

She really did….



It’s back to square one.

The Doctor is mired in confusion and indecision.

They say choice is a good thing.

They know not the misery it bringeth.

Knowing one may be better than the other.

And another, better than other.


Eenie Meenie Miney Mo…

It shall be how..

The Doctor decides, then.

Wish her luck, folks.

Or do pass her some sage advice….




Till next time…

The Perennially Confused Dr J.



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