What’s on Dr J’s bookshelf? Reads for the week…

One of the perils of marrying someone who is not from your city, is having your belongings spread out randomly.

To complicate matters further, the two sets of parents live in two capital cities across two states- almost 750 kilometers apart.

You then have your other half live abroad, and you chose to pursue your higher education at a far- off village.

Just when you think your belongings cannot be split any further, you move to another country (Oh yeah, for the second time!)

You spend a good part of your adult- existence packing and unpacking and re-packing.

Your clothes, shoes, bags, books, belongings are all hiding in places unbeknown to you.

Something is forgotten at Mum’s place, something at the “other- Mum’s”  place.

Some in your “home”.

Then something at your “grampy’s house” !

You pack and move and pack and move. And pack some more.

People put things into storage, the minute you leave.

Your most loved belongings lay orphaned.

Collecting dust.

Till you come back, and dust them clean again. For the umpteenth time!

A nomad is better off. At least he knows he is a nomad and hence never hoards or collects.



We digress. Yet again..

So, what was J able to pick out of her bookshelf at Mum’s place?

Some are new reads, some re- reads.

And some brought in by a “nice- uncle” from Amazon.

Yay! J can have one- day delivery and discounted books again!

Qatar, please catch up with the world on the books front please!


These would suffice for a week we suppose…

FullSizeRender (95)

FullSizeRender (96)

FullSizeRender (97)

FullSizeRender (98)

FullSizeRender (99)


FullSizeRender 1




FullSizeRender (100)



J shall have a den of her own.

With a large, antique, oak table…



An ultra- cushy, leather armchair…



With floor-to- ceiling bookshelves…

vintage library interior furniture interior designs 1920x1200 wallpaper_www.wall321.com_60



And ALL her books OUT of carton boxes, suitcases, and random nooks and holes of her every “home’….

All read.

All loved.

All carefully arranged.


In full splendour.

In all their glory!



Till next time…

Dr J.

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