The Ladies Lounge! The quest for the perfect brow…

Hola Ladies!

And gentlemen, you may skip this one.

Unless of course you are a “metrosexual” man who spends as much time in a salon or in front of the mirror as you do sprawled on the couch prodding away at your laptop or TV remote.

I’m sure there is some brown eye-shadow nestled within those perfectly groomed arches! (Take away my shawarma for the week, if I’m wrong!)


And both ladies and gentlemen, you don’t need to read this post if you look like this…

If this is the look you are going for, then you go boy!


Envy is not a sin that Dr J likes to indulge in often. Gluttony and sloth are her vices of choice.

But ever so often, she meets her dear friend. A girl she knows since she was in “bloomers”, back in school. And everytime J meets this beautiful friend of her’s, envy rears it dark, green- eyed, butt- ugly head….

For the sake of convenience, anonymity and amusement, let us refer to this friend as Mademoiselle  Mary Jane aka Green Goddess :-).

Mary Jane has the most beautiful, lush, shapely brows. They have never been threaded, shaped, waxed or plucked. The are truly a work of art. The Maker must have truly been in an uncommonly artsy and generous bearing while working on those arches.

And Dr J hates them…

Or rather, Dr J hates that she cannot/ does not have them!

Damn you green eyed monster of envy…

Dr J’s supercilia are sparse. Like wide-spread bushes on the acrid desert.

Why lord, why?

She runs from eyebrow pencil to brow powders to shadows.

All in the vain pursuit of decent looking eyebrows.

Does it make her uncommonly vain?


Aah…Man and his/ her desires/ vanity!

Dr J finally decided to go all out.

Buy the “holy grail” (apparently!) product.

What is but A FEW RIALS (cough, cough!) in the face of a life- time quest!

FullSizeRender (91)
Will this do the trick? The Benefit BROW ZINGS!


So, J agrees to be the proverbial guinea pig. To help fellow ladies in search of a good brow filling/ grooming kit.

Here’s a mini review on the Benefit Brow ZIngs…

It comes in three variations, Light, Medium and Dark. Dr J being a dark- haired girl, bought the “dark” version.

Comes in classy, secure, reasonably sturdy packaging. Dr J is a sucker for packaging.

FullSizeRender (87)
Black plastic case with snap closure and a mirror inside…
FullSizeRender (86)
An instruction leaflet is provided as well…
Instructions on how to use the product
Instructions on how to use the product,,


A wax (darker shade on the left), powder (right), an angled brush, a shader brush and a pair of miniature tweezers.

FullSizeRender (88)
They though of almost everything. A spoolie would also be great, Benefit… pun intended!


The brushes are nifty and small. But can be tricky to use. Maybe be handy in emergencies and while travelling. Otherwise, better to use a another, full- sized brush. The tweezers are tiny but they do a surprisingly good job.

The whole packaging is brilliantly suited for travel.

FullSizeRender (89)
The brushes are passable and the tweezers’ handy.


The wax is a tad too “waxy” and can look unnatural if piled on. So ladies, beware. But it does leave the brows looking spiffy and groomed. And in place. Even washing one’s face gently does not lead to the brows being rubbed off!

The wax on the left and the powder on the right.
The wax on the left and the powder on the right. Single swipe…

The powder is well- suited for people with dark hair.

The mirror is handy as well.

FullSizeRender (90)
Old versus new…



In short, has the Brow Zing’s rocked J’s world?

Hmmm… Not yet. Still figuring out the best way to use it. And make it work it’s best.

Does she regret the purchase?

Absolutely not. It is like glasses for the vision impaired (Mr H, you hear?)

Top grouse?

The price 😦

Who would she recommend this to?

There are several more inexpensive options to great looking eye brows. They might work just as well for you. But Dr J has tried them all. She has learned to make them work for her. But it was time to move on. To upgrade…

If you ladies are looking for a brow upgrade, try this.

 The Toyota is great Mr H, but ain’t the Audi greater??? 😉

So ladies, how are your brows doing? All well?

Till next time…

Dr J.


PS. This a common sight here in Doha… Some even seem to shave off their real brows and then draw them in (could not find a suitable picture)! What do you ladies/ men think of it? Just curious…



Product info:

Benefit Brow Zings –

Bought at- Sephora, Villagio (Doha, Qatar).

Price- Looking for the bill/ receipt. Not sure of the exact price.

Will update when I do find it. Oops!

Around 150 QAR  I think (translates to over 40 USD, but is 32 USD on the Benefit website)- around 2500 INR.


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  1. Jaz here in Singapore …my observation is that a majority of the south east asians are generally not blessed with thick eyebrows…ahem… if any at all ! so they indulge in this “eyebrow embroidery” treatment! Seems to be the rage here! Well looks like it is working for them and looks pretty natural too 🙂

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