The Ladies Lounge- Baby travel Edition! Seven things….

Dr J had grand plans.

Plans of packing light.

Plans of not carrying any unnecessary hand- baggage.

Plans of being stress- free.


Ha Ha Ha Ha…. Bellows Mr H.

Yeah sure!


Dr J maxed out her luggage allowances. To the very last kilo. And more….

Including an overstuffed diaper bag and a 10 kilo strolley as hand baggage…


Mr H sagely nods. Experience has made him wise and taught him to remain mum!


Lil Z was at her squirmy best. And super inquisitive…

Hardly slept a wink during the entire flight…


Yet, Mama and Z had a fabulous time- both at the airport and on- board!

Here are the top seven things that made the duo’s travel easier ….


1. Ditched the stroller!

FullSizeRender (78)


The Ergobaby. I can’t sing enough praises of this one! She seemed comfortable and I had my hand’s free. Also, the stroller takes a beating during air travel. You have no clue as to how it is returned to you (or in what condition)  after you land 🙂

2. Everything on hand…

FullSizeRender (77)


The hand sling thinggy… I had all the essentials (travel documents, boarding passes, money, phone) on hand, always. Saved me from digging into my bag a million times and also saved them from slipping off my butter fingers!

3. Around my neck…

FullSizeRender (76)


A simple solution. A random phone string/ strap hooked on to a pacifier and slung around Mama’s neck. Even if the baby (like Zoe) does not take a pacifier, it will keep her busy while in the carrier. Giver her something to fiddle with, rather than chew down the carrier itself!

4. The ever- useful black scarf/ stole

FullSizeRender (74)


Head scarf. nursing cover, light wrap/ blanket- all rolled into one. Saves one from carrying around a nursing cover.

5. Jango the tiger!

FullSizeRender (75)


Zoe does not play or cuddle with him. In fact she chucks him away if he is handed to her. But she loves it when he moves and talks (Dr J talking in weird voices!)! Puppetry keeps her intensely engaged, and anything from the QA blankets to duty free covers will do the trick. As long as it seems to have a mouth that moves and makes weird sounds!

6. Baby Einstein!



This is how the puppet fascination started. Baby Einstein on the iPad kept her hooked for an entire 25 minutes- that is twenty more minutes better than any other toy/ contraption/ person!

7. Finally…

FullSizeRender (79)


A comfortable, long, three- fourth sleeved, discreet, nursing top- INVALUABLE!

Go ahead ladies, take that long- planned trip of yours!

Till next time…

Dr J.


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Info on products mentioned:

  1. Ergobaby Original – Black/ Camel- Mothercare- Landmark, Qatar. 425 QAR/ 7225 INR/ 115 USD
  2. Black Pashmina Scarf-  Splash, Qatar- 20 QAR/ 340 INR/ 6 USD
  3. Pigeon Pacifier with lid- Babyshop- Centerpoint, Qatar. Don’t remember the price.
  4. Random mobile holding string/ strap.
  5. State Express travel folder- Lifestyle, Bangalore- India. 118 QAR/ 2000 INR/ 35 USD.
  6. DISNEY Tiger- Lulu, Qatar. 75 QAR/ 1275 INR/ 21 USD
  7. Baby Einstein Puppet Show Anthology- Downloaded from YouTube.
  8. Mothercare Blooming Marvellous Nursing Top- Available at Mothercare outlets both in India and Qatar. Don’t remember the price. Comes in a pack of two- Black and Grey.

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