Seven days of Ergobaby- ness…

Seven days since I got home this beauty. Seven days since I graduated from slings and saree-wraps. Seven days of SSC baby- wearing. Seven days of peaceful laundry loading and folding. Seven days of cry- free dish-washing. Seven days of happy, stress- free shopping trips. Seven days of post- dinner, put-the-baby-to-sleep, neighborhood walks. Seven days... Continue Reading →

Nerdy Sunday! The Lowland- Jhumpa Lahiri

June brought clouds that concealed the sun, storms that turned the sea gray. The atmosphere was raw enough for Subhash to keep wearing corduroy slippers instead of flip-flops; to continue to pre-heat the electric blanket on the bed. The rhythm of the rain was nocturnal, drumming heavily on the rooftop, tapering to a drizzle in... Continue Reading →

How much is too much?

Morning y'all! Another mall story coming up.... Seems like I prowl the malls a lot! Well, I do; actually. And there are several reasons for it:- Shopping (sometimes) Window shopping (most times) On days that the weather does not allow outdoor exercise, I put my trainers on and pound the endless square meters of the... Continue Reading →

Happy 10,000 views!

Morning/ Afternoon/ Evening friends, I woke up to a bright, languid, pleasant morning. I woke up to three beautiful things. A sonorously breathing, fast-asleep husband with calm and serenity writ large over his face.     A tiny hand with razor- sharp nails trying to abrade away my face and pulling out my hair strand... Continue Reading →

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