The Qatar Vaccination Diaries!

Hola Folks!

Another bright and sunny day.

The summer seems to be on it’s way out.


I actually had ALMOST COLD water running in the tap today! Those in the middle-east will know what I am talking about.

Yesterday was Zoe’s Vaccination Day. And getting vaccinations in Qatar is always exciting. So much drama and action.

All good I say!

If you have not read about our previous Vaccination Adventure, then do so here– it’s fun I tell you….

We actually managed to get it done at our Health Center this time. Our time slot was between 4 PM and & 7 PM (You do receive an “appointment reminder” message on you phone). And when we reached the Vaccination Center at around 3:30 PM, the entrance at the Health Center looked a bit like this…



Okay. I admit that it didn’t look EXACTLY like this! Substitute the Apple logo to the PHCC one, and add about two dozen babies/ toddlers/ little- people, a dozen or so strollers/ prams and subtract a few adults. Yeah. That would be more like how it looked.

Most parents were just standing, chilling, hanging around arranged in a haphazard manner- waiting for the doors to be unlocked (See! it’s just like waiting outside an Apple store to get your hands on a new iPhone) but some had strategically blockaded the door with their bodies and strollers.

The doors opened at 4.

And before we realized what was happening, people were running. This time, I’m not exaggerating- there was actual RUNNING! With strollers doing crazy drifts, little arms and legs dangling from parents’ arms, tiny heads bobbing, diaper bags dangerously swinging…. we too picked up our pace. The excitement and fervor was contagious. I was excited just by the general ambiance and mood of the people there! Zoe looked puzzled though.

First place went to untucked shirt, messy hair SUPERDAD who carried two kids on his arms.

He ran like his life was at stake. Like his pants were on fire. Like a tiger was chasing him.

Bravo Dad!

There was some chaos and confusion, some surreptitious pushing and shoving, some inconspicuous cheating and clandestine marking and planning. Some parents with older babies seemed to be pros at getting ahead in line and working the system.

We observed the minutiae of their actions and behavior. We tried to memorize some of the “key” phrases and one-liners. It was an education.

The waiting period was very entertaining. Put a bunch of weary . hassled adults and hoards of crazy/ sleepy/ excitable/ irritated/ hungry/ wailing people between the ages of 8 weeks to 5 years in an enclosed space with corridors, chairs and slippery floors; and see what cacophony ensues. The time flies!

It took about three and a half hours- for the vaccinations to be administered. The little- one was pissed and hungry by the end of it. But we accomplished it- a month’s delay notwithstanding. We managed to get into the system.

Next time though, we shall we prepared. We shall compete in the Pro- Division, not waddle about in the loser, amateur category!

Till next time….

Dr J.


11 thoughts on “The Qatar Vaccination Diaries!

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  1. baby doing fine. mommy is holding strong. daddy tired. does it ring a bell?

    Baby H’s activities – pee, poop, cry, eat and sleep in no particular order..

    1. Ha yes!

      If you give birth here, especially at Hamad- getting a vaccination card is no hassle. They just hand it to you along with your discharge papers.

      1. Aargh…I’m sorry, I’m confused…I’m a dim-wit you see…

        Here I was thinking,,, you were expecting…

      2. Awwww!

        Mabrouk, my friend! And hop on to the Crazy Mommy Train I say!

        Hope baby and Mommy are doing great!

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