Of price tags and “dis-counts”!

Tralalalala Tra La Lalala…

It’s a Hap Hap Happy Friday…

A Friday…


The H family are on the prowl again.

The mall is their jungle.

And discounts their prey.

J spots a fancy store.

“SALE” “SALE” “SALE” the displays proclaimed.

J nosedives into the store.

Lands at the make-up counters.

The throngs of heavily fragrant ladies drag her there.

Not her fault.

The crowded counters promise discounts and steals.



She swatches a few lipsticks.

Some Estee Lauder, some Chanel, some YSL.

“Madaam, dis veel look sooo goooood on you”

Aah yes no!

“Eeet iz on sale Madaaam”


“ONly 217 QAR Madaaaam.”


J is suddenly distracted.

She has to fiddle with her phone.

She takes Lil Z out of the stroller and adjusts her clothes.

HER mind is racing.

Her brain making conversions and reconversions.

At a rate that would put new- age processors to shame.

1 QAR is equal to almost 17 INR.

217 QAR therefore ALMOST 3700 INR.

1 USD IS 3.6 QAR.

So 217 QAR is equal to 60 USD.


The sales lady has moved on.

Trying to convince another lady.

Sale. Sale. Sale, She says.

J’s mind is whirring, moving at breakneck speed.

But the YSL lipstick is only 35 USD.

The last she checked, sale or no sale …

They were sold for 2100 INR at Bangalore.


The lady next to J falls for the “sale” pitch.

Buys three.

Poor J, being a typical expat.

Is stuck, at conversions and comparisons.

Even at full price, should have been shy of 130 QAR!

217 at sale price!!!


Is J missing something.

Some international trade/ sale/ economic secret/rule/ guidelines.

IS there some super secretive, exorbitant sales tax to be paid.

Aah! Must be the crazy rents and pricey manpower.


That is it.


J’s head stops spinning.

Comes to a rest.

This sale, is no sale.

Paying almost twice for an almost ready to expire product…ON SALE!!!

She nonchalantly walks off.

Thanks the uber-busy lady at the counter.

As she ponders about what could have been….

She wonders…So how much would they charge for the same in Manhattan…

With the crazy rents and the pricey manpower and all! 😉


Till our next trip to the mall…

Dr J.


P.S. A Chanel lipstick (35 USD in the States and 2100 INR – last I checked; in India.) cost 235 QAR. It slipped my mind to ask what a YSL lipstick costs at full price. Next time…


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  1. Have u figured out why sunglasses are marked up at nearly 300% or more in Doha.. If you have friends in high end shops like Blue Salon & the likes, you would be stunned to know the actual cost price of branded sunglasses and their selling prices.. Even the sale price is kept at 150% marked up price..

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