What the hell does an OMFS do?

I am an OMFS. An Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon. In most places it means you have undertaken the worst and most tedious from of training that ever existed. You end up doing both medical school and dental school and then a five year residency! (Some then go on to do a fellowship- a few more years!!!) And after all that pain and torture, one goes into a murderous rage if someone thinks that all an OMFS does is remove teeth!

So what in hell’s name does an OMFS really do?

The answer to that is pretty complex, yet straightforward. The boundaries of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery is ever expanding and is vastly different in different countries. Also, it is limited or broadened by the individual surgeon’s training, interests and level of experience and expertise. It ranges from simple intra- oral (within the mouth) procedures to complex day long head and neck surgeries. From a simple teeth extraction to tumor resection and micro- vascular flap reconstruction to cutting edge cosmetic/ aesthetic surgeries.

So, here is a peek into what an OMFS might (or might not) do. This is no where close to being an exhaustive list. It is just a sort of trailer…


1. We do what everyone thinks we do- pull out teeth that general dentists can’t manage to!



2.We remove blebs, cysts, moles, foreign objects, tumors- just about anything that you don’t want on your face or in your mouth.

Kidman, Nicole


3. We treat facial fractures- we are the true bone docs of the face and jaws!

Considering we drive like LSD laden maniacs…and end up in such situations…


You better keep one of us on speed dial, especially if you are the sort who gets punched in the face often…



4. You love to chew tobacco and smoke? Yeah buddy, you are one cool cat!



The hipness lasts until you look like this…

And then we get to patch you up like so-




5. Grandma! Do your dentures not fit properly? Do they pop out …?



You need an OMFS to scrape and tweak your mouth hun!

6. Your orthodontist will send you to us before he puts your braces on. Dont ask why…trust me you don’t want to know!



7. Some of us are so fortunate, that we are blessed with extra teeth. You can either keep them or come to us. Your choice.




8. Your kid one day decides he is superman and jumps off the table.

images (1)
Or your older kid decides to take on some “bigger” bullies…..


Hmm… I told you to keep one of us on speed dial.

9. Some of us are blessed with special angels…



download (1)

They are truly God’s miracles, but we can help them eat and speak well-

images (3)

10. You may be super hot, but you jaws may not be. Call us…


11. Oh yes, I almost forgot- THE WISDOM TOOTH REMOVAL. Our bread and butter. Where we dig, saw, hack, break into your jaw and extricate the darned thing out.


Aah… One could go on and on. But blowing one’s own trumpet (or the trumpet of a whole group) is frowned upon. Sadly! So, I shall stop. For now.


Till next time….

Dr J.

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