The ladies lounge! Dr J’s wish list- The top 10 shoes!

I have a confession to make.

I am a shoe nerd.

A calceophile.

I go weak in the knees when I enter a shoe store.

All bets are off when I am in a shoe store.

My will always wavers when I enter a shoe store.

I am an addict. There is apparently no cure…

I wish I could clickety – clack into work on 4 inch Louboutins everyday.

I wish I could run errands in a pair of Chanel ballet flats.

I wish I could party in in those quirky Alexander McQeen boots.

I wish I went jogging in the Saucony Virrata 2.


So, here is a whimsical wish list. Just random pictures to beat my post- weekend blues. Work, play…shoes for all occasions….

Currently I crave simplistic, classic, timeless designs. Aah, I must be getting old! Sigh…

1. The must have- BASIC BLACK PUMP.


Jimmy Choo- Anouk


2. Another staple- Nude pumps

Christian Louboutin-pigalle


3.  Work to play anyone? Day to evening…

Jimmy Choo- limit tri tone leather pumps

4. For out and about days..

Chanel flats
Chanel flats

5. Formal And dressy…yet feminine!

Jimmy Choo-lace patent platform peep-toe sandal-black
Jimmy Choo-lace patent platform peep-toe sandal-black


6. Wonder what I’d pair this with…


Manolo Blahnik Lace-Up Cutout Boot


7. For “rugged- look- days”

Alexander McQueen-slouchy leather calf-boots
Alexander McQueen-slouchy leather calf-boots


8.  For the ultra- girly days…

Manolo Blahnik Crochet sandal
Manolo Blahnik Crochet sandal


9.  This would cover most blingy, shiny, bedecked in gold South- Indian outfits!

rose gold blade Casadei Blade heel
rose gold blade Casadei Blade heel


10. And finally, How can I miss these..

Saucony Virrata-2
Saucony Virrata-2


Beauteous I say!

I feel uplifted already.

Note- I am partial to stilettos (the higher the better), Louboutins and lace.

Any shoe-o-holics here?

Till next time…

Dr J.






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