The year that was.. Gearing up for change!

My year long travel/ maternity/’ rediscover- myself’ sabbatical is over.

I last held a scalpel on September 25, 2013.

That evening, I decided to take a break.

From something I loved and enjoyed doing.

From something that was like the air I breathed. Essential.

My health, my head, my life; nothing seemed to be in order.

And yes, I was also 12 weeks pregnant.

It was a terribly hard decision to make.Unfathomable, a year ago. To take a break from the rat- race so early in my career- it is suicide I was told.

I am yet to prove otherwise. But the past year has been a phenomenal one in terms of self discovery and self- reformation. I truly believe that I am a an improved version of myself. I also believe that the break will do me good. Let’s see. The future will be the true judge of that.

The past year has taught me patience. It has given me several lessons in humility.

It has taught me the value of family even if I claim to be a fiercely independent, self- sufficient, self- reliant woman.

It has rekindled the embers of passions that had been cast off in pursuit of the surgical dream.

I am a ferocious, mono- dimensional, scalpel- crazy demon no more.

The tempestuous year has smoothed the rough edges; polished them to a shine.

Some cracks have been filled.

The superficial grime of vanity and preen has been eroded somewhat.

A once proud, self- proclaimed multitasker has learnt what TRUE  multitasking is.

The year has also reminded me of the simple joys of life.

Of doing  nothing.

Of sitting beside a window and watching the rain pitter- patter while not worrying about seminars and patients and logbooks.

Of sipping a mug of coffee just for it’s taste and aroma rather than for the stimulation and wakefulness awarded by the caffiene.

Of sleeping in, knowing you can do it again the next day as well; if you so choose.

Of reading a book without highlighters and notepads in hand, without guilt prodding you constantly, telling you you are wasting precious time.

Of enjoying the pleasure of a long- drive…. a drive to particularly no where.

The joy of not being expected anywhere. Of not being late.

Of not worrying about ironing lab-coats and washing scrubs.

Of enjoying me- time.

Of cherishing love and family.

The year will do me good. Or so I hope.


But I’m also done.

Done with enjoying blissfull, pretend- to – be- a- homemaker life!

It was good while it lasted, folks!

It was so, bloody- darned good.

It’s time though…

For the winds of change, to swoop in …and whip me off…

I’m geared up, and ready.

For change.

Bring it on life!


Till next time…

Dr J.

8 thoughts on “The year that was.. Gearing up for change!

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  1. That sounds much better! You might have understood that you have a stalker on your blog. See how I wait for your posts now 🙂

    1. I stalk a few myself 😉 So I understand

      And I’m flattered friend, really am!

      And your user-name, I’m called that myself by some friends…

  2. Wishing you all the very best in all of your ventures Dr J! Hope the blog is not turning into ” From Doha to Bangalore”

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