Seven days of Ergobaby- ness…

Seven days since I got home this beauty.

Seven days since I graduated from slings and saree-wraps.

Seven days of SSC baby- wearing.

Seven days of peaceful laundry loading and folding.

Seven days of cry- free dish-washing.

Seven days of happy, stress- free shopping trips.

Seven days of post- dinner, put-the-baby-to-sleep, neighborhood walks.

Seven days since Mr H turned to hip, baby- wearing, super- dad! (Apparently all the  straps and buckles accentuate the manly- man muscles ;-))

Seven days of constant forehead kissing and bear hugging.

Seven days of strap-chewing and necklace pulling.

Seven days of neck- licking and face scratching!

Seven days of heart on heart baby bonding.

Seven days of absolute delight, love and contentment.

Thank you Ergo, thank you!


It’s Wednesday already….


The weeks seem to whiz past. Hope you folks had a lovely day thus far….

I am super- happy with my baby carrier purchase. And I wanted to share the joy with my fellow- Mommas. With no help at hand, it has been a life saver. And unlike popular belief, there have been no back/ neck issues either. But a word of caution, please do not buy those “economical”, unsafe, crotch hangers that masquerade as baby- carriers. They are extremely unsafe for the baby and very uncomfortable for the wearer. They are also said to have long -term untoward effects on the little one.

Kindly do your research well and invest in a good carrier. I use the word “invest”, because some of the good ones can be a tad pricey. But trust me, they are well worth the price.

I tried a few of them back home and did a lot of research online. I also tried several wrapping techniques at home, and got comfortable in them before I decided to buy a SCC.

If any of you folks are curious or have questions about baby- wearing, do drop in a comment.

Or you could just holler a hello!

Baby-wearing is an absolute pleasure people, it truly is!

Till next time…

Dr J.



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